The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3232

“No.” Ye Chen said lightly: “This person is still useful to me, I want to take him away.”
Said knew that with Ye Chen’s vast magical powers, he could not be Hamid’s military commander. He thought that he must be the great god-level figure that Hamid had moved from outside, so he hurriedly agreed and said, “Don’t worry. , We immediately conducted a surprise trial on him, and after fixing the evidence, I personally sent him to Hamid to find you!”
“Okay.” Ye Chen nodded, and said again: “Go and call Chen Zhonglei over, let me ask him a few words.”
“Okay Master Ye, wait a minute!”
At this time, Chen Zhonglei is experiencing the greatest pain and torment of his life.
Seeing his brother with his own eyes, being completely betrayed by himself, tied up by the enemy, pulled away by carts and carts, and uncertain about his future, this is really too tormenting for him.
Every Ten Thousand Dragon Palace soldiers cast the most vicious insults and curses on him, and those angry eyes deeply hurt his heart.
He even wanted to close his eyes and not look at their resentful eyes, but he couldn’t do it at all.
Because even his eyelids are no longer under his control.
His consciousness is like a parasite in his body, he can feel everything, but he can’t control anything.
His own body has become his strongest prison.
Under the earth, there is nothing more painful than this.
At this moment, Said came to him and said: “Chen Zhonglei, Master Ye is looking for you, hurry over!”
Hearing the three words of Master Ye, Chen Zhonglei’s consciousness panicked, but his body had already moved involuntarily, and he hesitated for almost half a second, and immediately ran towards the meeting room.
Flying to the meeting room, Chen Zhonglei felt his body bowed to Ye Chen uncontrollably, and said respectfully: “Master Ye, what do you want me to do?”

Ye Chen said calmly: “Said will take you to make confession and transcript later, you must cooperate with him completely, tell him all your shameful activities in Wanlong Palace, and understand. ?”

Although Chen Zhonglei had 10,000 rejections with his own consciousness, his body still said uncontrollably: “Good Master Ye, I will definitely cooperate with all my strength…”

Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, and then said to Said: “Sayed, you remember to find someone proficient in Chinese or English writing from your team, and record all the transcripts in detail. Form a paper file, and when you send him to Hamid, give me a copy of the transcript, and I want to look at it.”

Said did not hesitate to agree and said, “Master Ye, don’t worry, we will try to get everything done in the fastest time, and then I will take him to see you!”
“Okay.” Ye Chen stood up and said lightly: “You go to arrange a helicopter and take me to the meeting place before, I will go back and wait for you.”

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