The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3241

Seeing that his subordinates came to report so nervously, Wan Pojun immediately asked: “What is the fuss about!”
The subordinates were almost crying, and blurted out: “Hall Lord! The government forces announced a major message to the world just now. Our 15,000 soldiers in the Wanlong Palace were all arrested by them for the crime of endangering national security!”
Wan Pojun’s first thought was that it was impossible.
How could he be arrested by a government army that lacks guns and medicines for a powerful elite unit like his own, with the blue-eyed wolf king Chen Zhonglei sitting in town?
Who has heard that tens of thousands of peasants captured 15,000 regular troops?
Isn’t this the tale of sliding the world?
Thinking of this, he couldn’t help frowning and questioning: “Today is April 1st, April Fool’s Day, didn’t you come to tease me?”
The subordinates shook their heads and blurted out: “How dare I make such a joke, Lord! The other party has even announced the video, and all of our 15,000 people have been captured, and none of them have escaped!”
Wan Pojun only felt that five thunders were on top! He felt like he had a nightmare when he was a child, and he couldn’t wait to wake up and end everything in his dream.
He stood up subconsciously, ignoring a strong dizziness, and blurted out: “What are you talking about?! 15,000 elites, all captured by their third-rate soldiers?!”
The subordinate nodded cowardly, and whispered: “Yes…Yes…Hall Master…”
Wan Pojun almost collapsed, clenching his fists and cursing: “Fuck, that would be 15,000 pigs and 15,000 donkeys. In the hilly wilderness of the Middle East, their gang also It’s impossible to catch it so soon, right?!”
“Hall Master…” the subordinates said nervously: “Our 15,000 soldiers have not only been captured, but many officers have also given out all our strategic plans… All the evidence, transcripts, and video recordings have been published. In the video recordings, including the Blue Eyed Wolf King himself, have admitted. Now this information has caused a huge international response, and many countries are condemning us… ..”
With that said, he handed over a tablet, opened one of the videos, and said: “Hall Lord, this video of the Blue-eyed Wolf King confession has already caused a huge response on the Internet…”
Wan Pojun suppressed his anger and clicked to play. In the video, Chen Zhonglei was sitting in the interrogation chair, revealing all the confidential information related to Syria in the Wanlong Temple.
Seeing that Chen Zhonglei completely betrayed the organization, Wan Pojun grabbed the satellite phone on the table, broke it in his hand, and smashed it to pieces. He will also be captured, is he a six-star warrior who eats dry food?! Even after he was captured, we announced our strategic intentions. Didn’t he know that this has violated my death penalty in Wanlong Temple?!”
Lu Haotian was also blinded and blurted out: “Hall Master, based on what I know about the Blue-eyed Wolf King, he will never betray the Wanlong Palace. Is there anything hidden in it?”
“Hidden?” Wan Pojun scolded angrily: “Did you see the video just now? He told the other party, and the other party is now telling the world, our Wanlong Palace will soon be trapped by everyone shouting and beating. To the point! Who else will cooperate with us in the Middle East countries in the future?!”
As he said, he clenched his fist, gritted his teeth and said: “Moreover! These five thousand people have been captured, which is a great loss for my Wanlong Palace!”
“Moreover, if the other party wants to sentence all these 5,000 people to prison, we must pay compensation to their families based on the prison terms of these people!”

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