The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3248

Su Shoude’s expression instantly became extremely embarrassing, and he thought to himself: “If I fucking say unhappy, you must scold me for treating your kindness as donkey liver and lungs. Your old rascal’s behavior style, I’ve already figured it out. ……”
Wanting to understand this level, Su Shoude simply lowered his head to pretend to be counseled, and didn’t answer Hong Wu’s words.
How could Hong Wu let him go so easily. He immediately stepped forward, knocked on the iron railing with a rubber stick, and coldly questioned: “What? Your Su Shoude’s wings are hard now? Why don’t you tell me if I talk to you? Pay attention to me?”
“There is no…” Su Shoude shivered with fright, and quickly said: “Wuye, you blamed you just now. I am reflecting on myself. Seeing my brother appear here, I must be unhappy in my heart. of……”
“Unhappy?” Hong Wu raised his eyebrows and asked very uncomfortably: “Your fifth master, I kindly brought your brother over to meet you and let your brothers meet again. You said that you are not happy, you are Take my kindness as a donkey’s liver and lungs.”
Su Shoude, you were as ugly as a dead father, and you yelled in your heart: “Grass! I fucking knew you had to say this! I guess you guessed it, and it doesn’t mean a word of the fuck! You take the dog thing. I’m a rat in the sewer, blocking me at both ends, you! If one day Su Shoude has a chance to get out of here, if I kill you, my surname will not be Su!”
Hong Wuyan watched Su Shoude with a depressed face, smiled disdainfully, and didn’t tell him more, and said directly loudly: “Congratulations to Su Jia Su Shoudao and Su Shoude brothers for a long time! Come on, the atmosphere is up!”
As soon as the voice fell, a group of boys immediately rang the firework tube, and various colorful sequins and ribbons were sprayed out, making Su Shoudao and Su Shoude very embarrassed.
Hong Wu looked at Su Shoudao with a gloomy expression, stretched out his hand to pull him to the iron cage, opened the door and pushed him in, and said with a smile: “Su Shoudao, your brother has been missing for so long, you two should have a lot to say. , I won’t bother you brothers to renew the past.”
Having said that, he beckoned to all of his men and said, “Okay, let’s go away, Xiao Fei, give these two bottles of Erguotou in a while. I think they must have a lot to talk about today.”
The little brother called Xiaofei quickly said: “Okay, fifth master, I’ll get it now.”
Hong Wu and his men left, and the brothers Su Shoudao and Su Shoude looked at each other.
Feeling bad luck, Su Shoudao reached out and threw the bunch of fake flowers on the ground, and cleaned up the ribbons and sequins on his body.
Su Shoude stepped forward to help, and asked him: “Big brother, what’s the matter with you? Didn’t you go to Australia to take shelter?”
Su Shoudao said angrily: “What’s the matter? I want to know what the hell is going on. After you disappeared, Ye Chen exposed what the old man wanted to harm Du Haiqing, including the video that you and Ma Chongxin admitted. When I went out, the old man was scolded as a dog, and he couldn’t stand it anymore, so he called me back from Australia to be a scapegoat.”
Su Shoude asked in surprise: “You…you were caught here by Ye Chen because of the scapegoat for the old man?”
Su Shoudao sighed with a gloomy look, and said, “Damn, I’ve suffered from blood loss during this period of time. I was originally arranged by the old man to meet Ito Takehiko of the Ito family. Who would think of Ito Takehiko? When I ran into it, Ye Chen was caught upright, and then he was thrown to Syria by Ye Chen…”
“What?! Syria?!” Su Shoude asked dumbfounded: “What did you do there?”
Su Shoudao was annoyed in his heart, sipped, and cursed: “Bah! It’s damn bad to say it! Ye Chen actually had a friend of the warlord who was in the opposition in Syria, threw me to his base and imprisoned me. Life is a bit bitter, but at any rate it is considered An Sheng. Who the hell can think of, if An’s birthday is not a few days away, he will start fighting!”
With that said, Su Shoudao was like taking out the rubbish, and he said all his experiences in Syria during this period of time.
These words are really uncomfortable in his heart. He hasn’t even had a person to talk to. Although Su Shoude’s relationship with him is not very good, but they are brothers after all, so at this time, he can no longer bear it, and he can’t stand it anymore. All things are revealed…

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