The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3250

“Why didn’t anyone take the initiative to express his willingness to accompany the Wanlong Palace to tide over the difficulties?”
“At this time, I only want to ask for money. The white-eyed wolves don’t even make them so fucking, right?”
Lu Haotian said quickly: “Hall Master, our gang are mercenaries in themselves…”
“These people used to be special forces of various countries. When they served their country of allegiance, they indeed had a strong sense of collective consciousness and sense of collective honor…”
“But… but that’s not a feeling born out of nothing…”
“That is their love and loyalty to the motherland that they have accumulated from childhood to adulthood, 20 to 30 years, or even 30 to 40 years…”
“But after they became mercenaries, their purpose was very simple, just to make money…”
Lu Haotian said so many times, he couldn’t help sighing, and then said: “This is like those women who fall into the dust. People talk about feelings before they go to the sea, but since they are sold, they are for making money. If we don’t give money and still want them to talk about relationships with us, it’s really not realistic…”
When Wan Pojun heard this, his expression turned red and white.
He naturally knew the meaning of Lu Haotian’s words, and he also understood.
Wanting mercenaries to serve themselves without giving money is a foolish dream.
However, he really cannot accept greater losses now.
If everyone is gone, how will Wanlong Palace develop in the future?
It’s just that this group of people is really a bit too unsympathetic.
As soon as something went wrong, they immediately demanded that they must be paid at 70% of their normal salary.
For these tens of thousands of people, the daily salary cost would have to exceed 100 million U.S. dollars.
In addition, the 15,000 people in Syria will have to spend money to find a way to rescue them. Coupled with the huge losses that have been caused during the war, this amount will increase exponentially.
The most damn thing is that countries are now reluctant to cooperate with Wanlongdian, and the subsequent income has almost been cut off. Who knows when it will stop before there can be a turnaround?
Calculating in this way, the combined losses this time around, billions of dollars may not be able to hold down.
Thinking of this, Wan Pojun felt extremely uncomfortable.
The Wanlong Palace encountered such a major difficulty that he couldn’t solve it immediately, and this feeling of being beyond reach made him extremely painful.
At this time, Lu Haotian persuaded: “Hall Master, I think you might as well agree to their request first. In extraordinary times, it is acceptable to spend more money. The American Blackwater Company has always wanted to dig our people. They are in the Middle East. Many countries have orders from the White House, and they are short of manpower. If we can’t stabilize the military, I’m afraid they will just jump to Heishui!”
Wan Pojun nodded coldly, and said, “Just do what you said, let everyone take a rest after they withdraw from the front line. During the rest period, we will pay 70% of the compensation. Other things, I’ll talk about it when I go back!”
Having said that, Wan Pojun looked at the date on the watch again, and said silently: “Today is April 2nd, and there are still three days left before the Ching Ming Festival. I will strive to be on the day of Ching Ming Festival on April 5. To solve the problem, we can set off for Syria on April 6th and April 7th at the latest!”
“No problem!” Lu Haotian said without hesitation: “At that time, we will kill Yeling Mountain together and force the Ye Family to let Yeling Mountain out. On April 6th, immediately move your parents’ coffin in! ”
Wan Pojun waved his hand and said coldly, “Time is running out. I won’t wait for April 6th. The day after tomorrow, you will invite my parents’ ashes out and put them in my prepared coffin. On the 5th, carry them. The coffin of my parents is on Yeling Mountain! It happened that my parents were present to witness how I made the Ye family kneel down and then threw Ye Changying’s bones into ashes!”

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