The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3265

Ye Zhongquan looked at the excited people in front of him and shook his head gently.
He knew that these people lacked understanding of Ye Chen, and at the same time he was worried that after Ye Chen came back, they would divide up their vested interests, so he said such words and wanted to confuse his own audition.
However, how could an old fox like him be affected by these people?
Only two people in the Ye family knew about Ye Chen’s true ability.
Among them, Ye Changmin knows some, and Ye Zhongquan knows more.
After Ye Changmin was beaten violently by Ma Lan in Jinling last time, and was kidnapped by Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong and his sons, Ye Chen was in front of her and talked about some of his own affairs.
Including healed the dying Gu Yanzhong, killed the eight kings of the Wu family, and even helped the Ito family have the last laugh in the chaos in Japan.
In addition to knowing this, Ye Zhongquan also knew that Ye Chen could go deep into Syria alone, rescue a woman from the opposition base, and with his own strength, he could catch Su Shoudao and throw it away in Syria.
Ye Zhongquan even knew that Ye Chen went to Syria again two days ago, and brought Su Shoudao back amidst the turmoil.
Moreover, in recent days, it has been reported internationally that an organization called Wanlongdian suffered a big defeat in Syria. Ye Zhongquan vaguely felt that this matter may also have something to do with Ye Chen.
As far as Ye Chen’s ability is concerned, compared with Zhao Yun, who has seven entries and seven exits from Changbanpo, it is even worse.
However, he never talked about these things to other people in the family.
The reason for not mentioning it was because he still didn’t know Ye Chen’s preferences.
If Ye Chen is so happy and wants to save face, then tell his family in advance about his deeds. The family will be in awe and flattering him at that time. This is naturally a joy for everyone.
But Ye Chen is the only person who acts extremely low-key.
If Ye Chen’s things were made known to the Ye Family, if Ye Chen had a grudge against it, it would make him feel repellent towards Ye Family.
As for Ye Changmin, although she clearly knew a lot, the reason she didn’t talk to other brothers and sisters was because deep down in her heart, she was completely deliberately trying to make the rest of the Ye family despise Ye Chen.
Ye Changmin still hasn’t divorced her husband, and her husband’s family is in trouble, so what she wants most now is to get a piece of the Ye family’s assets.
The more this happened, the more she wished to see the brothers in the family and their children fighting each other.
If they let this group of people know Ye Chen’s abilities and fear Ye Chen, how could they fight Ye Chen?
If everyone didn’t fight, why would she, a daughter who had been married a long time ago, get a share of the Ye family?
At this moment, Ye Zhongquan was fed up with these people’s slander, and said coldly: “Okay, I should not have heard what you said just now. From now on, if anyone is in front of me or in Chen’er Let’s talk nonsense before, don’t blame me for being rude to him!”
Seeing that the old man was still unmoved, Ye Feng couldn’t help but speak: “Grandpa, I know how much you owe Ye Chen in your heart, but let me tell you the truth, you can’t be too accustomed to Ye Chen!”
Ye Feng hurriedly added: “He has not been in the Ye family for so many years. Not only does he have no education, he also lacks basic rules and education. What’s wrong with my aunt? He put his aunt under house arrest in the shanty town of Jinling for the Chinese New Year. Does he still see the dignity and inferiority in his eyes? If you want him to return to Ye’s house, you must set rules for him!”
After that, he looked at Ye Changmin and deliberately said, “Auntie, Ye Chen is so rude to you, and he doesn’t treat you as a senior in his eyes. Do you want to set the rules for him?”
When Ye Changmin heard this, he waved his hand and said, “Xiaofeng, don’t say that. The last time I went to Jinling, it was because I made the mistake first. No wonder Chen’er for that matter. I also blame myself for being considerate… …”
Ye Feng’s eyes were almost falling to the ground.

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