The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3274

He knew that the two brothers had no good intentions when they came to pick him up today. One ridiculed himself about having been wandering for twenty years, and the other ridiculed what books he had read.
However, these are nothing to Ye Chen at all. Even if the two of them were standing here today, Ye Chen would not take a second look at them, so naturally they would not put these two clown-like dudes. In the eyes.
Gu Qiuyi couldn’t bear it. She raised her hand and took off her mask and sunglasses. Looking at Ye Feng and Ye Hao, she said with an uncomfortable expression: “Ye Feng, Ye Hao! What the hell are you two doing? Ye Chen just returned to Yanjing. , You two will sing double reeds with the clown, jumping out and sing together, who is this disgusting?”
Ye Feng and Ye Hao realized that the woman who stood beside Ye Chen and covered her face with a mask and sunglasses turned out to be Gu Qiuyi who was popular all over the country and even the world.
Even the gang of Helena couldn’t help being a little surprised when they saw Gu Qiuyi.
Although she is not a fan of Gu Qiuyi, she has also listened to Gu Qiuyi’s songs and admires Gu Qiuyi very much. She feels like a passerby fan. She was naturally a little surprised to see it here today.
Seeing Gu Qiuyi’s angry look in order to protect Ye Chen, Ye Hao was really jealous to the extreme.
Originally, the eldest brother Ye Feng found a Nordic royal princess, Ye Hao said nothing on the surface, and he was already very jealous.
But he also had a little self-knowledge in his heart that Ye Feng is the eldest son and eldest grandson of the Ye family after all, and it can be said that he is the one with the highest gold content among the younger generation of the Ye family.
But now seeing a superstar like Gu Qiuyi, not only came to pick up Ye Chen in person, but even defended Ye Chen to the utmost, Ye Hao felt a bit aggrieved in his heart, feeling that even if he could not be better than Ye Feng, he shouldn’t be better than Ye Chen.
At this time, Ye Feng explained: “Oh, 囡囡, don’t get me wrong, we know that Ye Chen came back today and was very excited, so I ran all the way to meet him personally. There was no other meaning.”
Gu Qiuyi knew that he wanted to get through here, so she didn’t buy his account at all, and said coldly, “What kind of girl, did you call this girl?”
After all, Gu Qiuyi improved a bit, and said righteously: “I’m telling you Ye Feng! Don’t think I can’t hear the nasty meaning in your words. Today I leave it here. Anyone from your Ye family Don’t even think about bullying my brother Ye Chen! Who would dare to give me brother Ye Chen a blank eye, Gu Qiuyi, I don’t want him!”
Ye Feng thought that she wanted to find a step down, but Gu Qiuyi was still aggressive and refused to give up, but after all she was at a loss, and it was not easy to turn her face with her for a while, so she could only bite the bullet and smile and said, “Qiuyi, you really Misunderstanding, Ye Chen and I are grandma’s cousins, blood is thicker than water, how can we bully him?”
Gu Qiuyi hugged her shoulders and said coldly: “Stop being sloppy with me here! If it doesn’t work, I will go to Ye’s house to find Grandpa Ye to be fair! Repeat what you said to Grandpa Ye and see what his elderly say! ”
Ye Feng suddenly felt a little difficult to ride a tiger. He really didn’t think that Gu Qiuyi would seize this matter and hold on to it. He didn’t know what to do for a while.
Ye Chen said to Gu Qiuyi at this time: “You have done something, don’t hold on to a small matter.”
Hearing Ye Chen’s opening, Gu Qiuyi immediately nodded obediently, and then said to Ye Feng: “This time I listened to Ye Chen’s brother, so I won’t care about you! But it’s better not to have another time!”
Ye Feng was depressed, and who would have thought of ridiculing Ye Chen, letting this aunt Gu, who was surnamed Gu, grabbed a scolding, the key to her own mistakes, she really didn’t dare to confront her head-on.
So, he quickly changed the topic, pointed at Helena next to him, and said with a smile: “Come on, Ye Chen, let me introduce to you, this is your future sister-in-law, the eldest princess of the Nordic royal family, Helena Iliad !”
After that, he hurriedly said to Helena: “Helena, this is my cousin, my second uncle’s son, Ye Chen!”
Helena politely nodded to Ye Chen, then proactively stretched out her hand and said: “Hello Ye Chen, I am Helena, I am glad to meet you.”
Ye Chen also politely reached out and shook her gently, Yun Danfeng said gently: “Your situation is not very good, you should pay more attention to it in the near future.”

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