The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3291

Ye Chenzhen thought that Lin Wanqiu also specially prepared a suit for herself.
When he was wondering, Gu Yanzhong on the side smiled and said, “Your Aunt Lin is afraid that when you come to Yanjing, you will not prepare a suit yourself, so you have specially asked London’s best tailor-made suit master to make one for you.”
Ye Chen thanked: “Thank you Aunt Lin!”
Lin Wanqiu smiled and said, “What are you being polite to auntie? I estimated the size of the suit and gave it to the past. I don’t know if you are wearing it. Come and try it.”
At this time, Gu Qiuyi, who was wearing a one-piece and nightdress, also walked out of the room with a yawn, and said with a smile: “Brother Ye Chen, the suit my mother ordered for you is very handsome. It is said that many prime ministers and presidents in Europe and North America, They are all regulars of that master! Go and try!”
Ye Chen’s enthusiasm was difficult, so he followed the mother and daughter to the independent cloakroom upstairs.
The walk-in cloakroom of the Gu family, which is larger than the normal bedroom, is at least more than 40 square meters. Lin Wanqiu took Ye Chen to the full-length mirror on the whole wall, and then took out a new black suit from the closet next to it.
Gu Qiuyi took out an ironed, unwrinkled white shirt and a tie from the closet on the side.
Lin Wanqiu handed the suit to Ye Chen and said with a smile: “Chen’er, try to see if it fits.”
Ye Chen said with a bit of embarrassment: “Auntie Lin, can I try on clothes if I have a room available?”
Gu Qiuyi hurriedly said: “Mom, you go out first, otherwise Ye Chen will be shy, I’ll help him change clothes here.”
Ye Chen said helplessly: “Nanny, I can do it by myself, or do you avoid it first?”
Gu Qiuyi curled her lips and said, “I am considered your child bride, and I have to avoid it if I change my clothes…”
Ye Chen blurted out: “How come you become a child bride…”
Gu Qiuyi said earnestly: “I have been betrothed to you since I was a child. What’s the difference between this and Tong Yang’s daughter-in-law?”
Lin Wanqiu smiled at the side and said: “After you have done it, don’t tease Chen’er, let’s go out first, let Chen’er change by ourselves before we come in.”
Looking at Ye Chen, Gu Qiuyi smiled badly, took the tie off his shirt, shook it in her hand, and said: “Brother Ye Chen, I’ll tie the tie for you later.”
After speaking, he went out of the cloakroom with his mother.
At the same time, Helena, who was in Buckingham Palace, had also gotten out of bed.
Last night, because she was always worried that she might have an accident, she didn’t rest well all night.
At first, I couldn’t fall asleep for a long time, and finally fell asleep, but I always had various nightmares, and I slept intermittently for less than two hours.
She was in a very poor physical condition, and she didn’t have enough rest these days when she came to China, and her physical condition was even worse, so the suffering of last night was just worse for her.
When she got up, she felt that her heartbeat had been accelerating uncontrollably, almost out of control.
She hurriedly took out a nitroglycerin tablet and put it under her tongue to swallow it, only then did she feel a little better.
However, the state of the whole person is still extremely poor.
Thinking of being at Ye’s house almost all day today and tomorrow, Helena couldn’t help wondering whether her body could survive.

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