The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3309

Since both the Ye family and the Gu family had prepared a team, Gu Yanzhong simply let the Gu family’s team follow, which was regarded as helping Ye Chen to support more scenes.

On the way to Ye’s house, Tang Sihai drove in person and reported to Ye Chen in detail about the accident that happened to Helena today.

Ye Chen had only three feelings in his heart after listening.

First, Helena is indeed ill-intentioned in concealing the truth;

Second, the Ye Family’s throwing the pot is indeed shameless;

Third, Helena and the Ye family can reach a consensus on this basis, proving that both parties are human spirits and there is no fuel-efficient lamp.

In addition, he can also infer that Helena’s current situation should be dead.

On Huaxia’s side, it was difficult for the Ye family to let her pass the door, and on the Nordic side, it was impossible for her to return easily to the royal family who used her mother’s life to threaten her.

She is now in a dilemma.

But Ye Chen didn’t even think about helping Helena.

Firstly, he was unfamiliar, and secondly, although Helena was pitiful, she was too scheming.

This kind of person is not suitable for excessive contact.

When the twenty Rolls-Royce drove into Ye’s house, Ye Zhongquan had already led all the Ye family members to greet them in person.

In the crowd, Helena has changed into a very formal dress and dress, and put on a very decent makeup. It is completely invisible that she has just walked through the ghost door.

At this time, Ye Zhongquan was particularly excited.

Ye Zhongquan had many expectations for Ye Chen.

It was not only because of Ye Chen’s unpredictable strength, but also the destructive aura that Ye Chen showed to the Su Family and in the Middle East.

It is because Ye Chen has mastered the mystery that brings people back to life and youth.

Leaving aside Helena’s biting her finger to save her life, it happened more than half an hour ago. During this period, the upper class of Yanjing has been trying to figure out how Gu Yanzhong turned from a dying patient with advanced pancreatic cancer into a miracle. Healed, even twenty years younger.

It’s a pity that Gu Yanzhong is tight-lipped and doesn’t say anything to the outside world, even if it’s his friend, he doesn’t reveal anything.

Others don’t know the reason, but Ye Zhongquan knows.

He knew that all of this was done by Ye Chen.

Because Ye Chen had said to Ye Changmin himself.

Just rushing to this point, Ye Zhongquan was also willing to bow down to Ye Chen.

If being humble and kneeling can earn a life extension of twenty years, it is simply the most cost-effective business he has ever done in his life.

However, everyone in the Ye family except Ye Changmin didn’t understand what the old man did.

It was enough to let Ye Chen come back, after all, it was Ye Family’s protagonist.

But the old man personally took all Ye Chen’s uncles, aunts, and brothers and sisters to welcome Ye Chen at the gate. This kind of surrendering status made this group of people unacceptable.

However, Ye Zhongquan didn’t say anything, and didn’t let them say anything.

When other people saw him coming out, they could only follow honestly.

Soon, Ye Chen’s vehicle stopped in front of the Ye family.

Through the car window, Ye Chen looked at Ye Zhongquan outside the window, and the Ye family in two rows behind him, feeling a lot of emotion in his heart.

Back then, my parents left Beijing with their own anger, and none of the Ye family at that time saw each other.

Twenty years later, I returned, but the Ye family, under the leadership of the old man, all came out to line up to greet them.

The comparison between the two is ironic!

At this time, Ye Chen was sitting in the car and didn’t mean to get off.

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