The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3325

Ye Changkong was stared at by the old man and felt his whole body shook. He hurriedly said, “Dad…I think…everything…it is the most important thing to have life and safety. what……”

After speaking, Ye Changkong continued to swim and said, “Moreover, the assets of our Ye family are more than one trillion yuan? If we take out half of it, the rest will be enough for us to spend our whole life without worries. After all, money is itself a raw material. If you don’t bring it, you don’t die without taking it away, it makes no sense to have so many…”

“Furthermore, our Ye family might still be able to make a comeback in the hands of me or Xiao Feng. At that time, if we lost it today, we can still make it back!”

Ye Zhongquan stared at him and asked coldly: “Rising from the East? It’s up to you? Or it’s up to you two?”

Ye Changkong said embarrassingly, “Yes…I am really not good at it. I stepped back and said, what if I can’t make a comeback? Even if we sit and eat the mountains, so much money is enough for us to eat for a few lifetimes!”

Ye Changkong said more and more vigorously, and even said with signs and persuaded: “If you are worried that future children and grandchildren will not be able to live up to it, we can completely take out half of the remaining assets and set up a closed family trust fund! ”

“Trust funds with a scale of hundreds of billions have a revenue of at least one or two tens of billions of yuan a year. As long as you stipulate it so that future children and grandchildren can only take the net profit from the trust fund, the principal is not allowed to move, then we Future children and grandchildren, even if they can’t make the Ye Family rise again, at least they will be able to live a lifetime of wealth!”

“In this way, we can ensure that our Ye family’s blood will survive, and we never have to worry about future generations ruining the Ye family…”

“If you look at it this way, isn’t it good? Everyone says that, isn’t it?”

Except for Ye Chen and Helena, everyone else nodded.

For this group of people, no one wants to let their lives take the slightest risk.

To be alive is the most important thing for them.

Before being alive, what is it to make less money? Even if they surrendered 90% of the Ye Family’s assets, they still have 200 billion, which is enough to be tight.

When Ye Changkong saw that the other Ye family members also showed their approval, he knew that his plan had a basic mass foundation.

So he said to Ye Zhongquan: “Dad! I think you can agree to the request of Wanlong Palace!”

“Yeah!” Old San Ye Changyun also said hurriedly: “Dad, my eldest brother is right. It’s better to die than to live. We have to think about the Ye Family’s blood and incense!”

Ye Changmin also hurriedly nodded and said, “Dad! You promised their terms. Yeling Mountain can be rebuilt if there is no money, and if there is no money, you can make more money. There is nothing more important than the safety of the family. What do you say?”

Except for Ye Chen’s sister-in-law, Ye Changxiu, who has been silent, almost everyone else has made it clear that they agree to accept Wanlongdian’s request.

Ye Chen didn’t speak, but looked at Ye Changkong and the other Ye family members with a grim expression.

At this moment, he was very disappointed with the integrity and integrity of the Ye family.

I don’t know how disappointed, even a bit angry.

Because these people who want to accept each other’s conditions don’t take the other party’s parents’ coffins seriously.

They just want to survive.

Moreover, in their view, only money is the pain, nothing else is important.

At this time, Ye Zhongquan saw that so many children had turned to each other, and his heart was even more painful.

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