The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3330

However, at this moment, Ye Zhongquan also raised his hand and slapped him in the face, angrily said: “A bastard thing that is not enough to succeed! What I said just now, you are all in your ears? If you don’t want to do it, just get out. Ye Family! When the Ye Family is alive and dead, anyone who dares to make trouble, even if it is my own son, I will not be merciful!”

Ye Feng was thinking about the theory with Ye Chen just now, but he didn’t think that he slapped the old man again. At this time, his aggrieved tears rolled down, but he didn’t dare to say a word.

Seeing this, Ye Hao was also flustered, so he hurriedly said: “Grandpa! I’m going now!”

Ye Changkong saw that Ye Hao had expressed his stance. His stupid son was still crying because of his grievances. At this time, he didn’t feel distressed at all. Instead, he hated iron and steel and kicked him severely, and shouted angrily: ” Cry like a damn girl, don’t hurry to work!”

Ye Feng collapsed completely, and could only wiping tears while chasing Ye Hao to the gate.

Ye Chen said at this moment: “Everyone, please move to the main hall, let’s talk about business now!”

The other members of the Ye family were also powerless at this time. Even if they were terrified in their hearts, they could only follow Ye Chen’s request to return to the villa’s main hall and continue to discuss the ancestor worship ceremony.

It’s just that everyone else has been absent-minded.

Only Ye Chen, according to the steps that Ye family had set up before, confirmed step by step with the person in charge, requiring them to do their own work in accordance with the prescribed process, otherwise they will not be punished severely!

Just when Ye Chen was forcibly leading the Ye family to sort out the ancestor worship ceremony process, what happened to the Ye family just now has been spread in Yanjing.

When someone heard that someone brought hundreds of coffins to the Ye Family and killed the Ye Family Guardian, the entire Yanjing family was shocked!

Everyone wanted to know what the origins of these people who had entered the Ye family came from, even the top families in the country didn’t even look at them.

At this time, Lu Haotian also returned to the old house of the Wan family and reported to Wan Pojun the situation in the Ye family just now.

Wan Pojun sneered and asked him: “According to your observations, are the Ye family afraid?”

Lu Haotian hurriedly said: “Naturally, I am afraid, most of the Ye family members are so scared that their faces are pale, and it’s the fucking problem of peeing their pants.”

As he said, Lu Haotian said again: “However, that lousy old man from the Ye family, and a young junior from the Ye family who don’t know what his name is, seems to be a bit stubborn, especially that young man. Let me convey it to you. See you at Ye Lingshan, and I don’t know if he is going to greet him by kneeling down with hemp and filial piety, or he will give up his life and be ready to be tough with us.”

“Follow him.” Wan Pojun waved his hand indifferently, and said lightly: “As long as the coffin is delivered, it will be delivered. At 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, we will go to Yeling Mountain on time. If the Ye family kneels, then Throw that Ye Changying’s bones into ashes, and then bury my parents with the scenery; if the Ye family don’t kneel down! Then break the Ye family’s legs, press them to kneel, and then throw Ye Changying’s bones to ashes, and bury my parents. Great funeral!”

Having said that, Wan Pojun sneered and said: “Haotian, the entire Yanjing must be curious now, who is behind the control of everything that happened to the Ye family today, you now order people, in the entire Yanjing Let the wind go, it is said that Wan Pojun, the son of Wan Liancheng couple and the lord of the Wanlong Palace, is back!”

Lu Haotian nodded: “Alright Hall Master! I’m going now!”

Wan Pojun stopped him and said, “Come back, there is still something else.”

Lu Haotian respectfully said: “Hall Master, you say!”

Wan Pojun said coldly: “Whoever dares to help Ye Family get ahead, who is my Wan Pojun’s mortal enemy! Let Quan Yanjing, and even the big families across the country, give me careful consideration before deciding to help Ye Family. Weigh! If there is anyone who is not afraid of death, just stand up for me and have a try!”

Speaking of this, Wan Pojun smiled coldly and said playfully: “I want the Ye Family to be isolated and helpless!”

Lu Haotian said immediately: “I know the hall master! Let’s do it!”

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