The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3333

Where did Song Wanting know about the bloody storm that happened in Yanjing at this time.

She hung up Ito Nanako’s phone and called Ye Chen directly.

At this time, Ye Chen was checking the final steps of the ancestor worship ceremony with the Ye family.

Suddenly received a call from Song Wanting, he temporarily left the main hall and went to an unmanned room next door, connected to the phone and smiled and asked, “Wanting, what’s wrong with me?”

Song Wanting was a little nervous and said hurriedly: “Master Ye, grandpa has been talking about you these days, saying that he missed you, so I want to ask if you have time today. If it is convenient, you can come to your house for a casual meal. ?”

After hearing this, Ye Chen was not skeptical, so he smiled and said, “I’m sorry Wanting, I am in Yanjing, and I am showing Feng Shui to a client. I may not be able to go back these two days, or trouble you. Talk to the old man and say that I will come to visit after I go back.”

When Song Wanting heard Ye Chen say that people were in Yanjing, her heart suddenly shook.

She knew that her guess with Nanako Ito had already matched the number.

Ye Chen’s visit to Yanjing at this time is definitely not as simple as showing his clients Feng Shui as he said.

After all, the Ye family will hold the ancestor worship ceremony that is held every 12 years tomorrow. If Ye Chen is really a descendant of the Ye family, he will definitely attend such an important occasion!

Thinking of this, Song Wanting suddenly felt a little lost in her heart.

Because, she originally felt that there was a huge gap between herself and Ye Chen, and the only thing that gave herself some confidence was her identity as the daughter of the Song family and the current Song family patriarch.

However, she didn’t realize until now that Ye Chen’s true identity was much stronger than her identity as the daughter of the Song family!

That’s the Ye family!

It is the top family that has always been among the best in the country!

Now that the Su family is gradually in decline, the Ye family is already the number one family in the country in everyone’s minds.

Compared with the Ye Family, the Song Family might not even have a tenth of the Ye Family’s strength.

As a result, it also made her realize in her heart that the gap between herself and Ye Chen had suddenly become bigger, so big that she couldn’t help but feel ashamed when she even thought about it deep in her heart!

Ye Chen didn’t know what Song Wanting was thinking, not to mention that Song Wanting had guessed his identity at this time. Seeing that Song Wanting hadn’t spoken all the time, he subconsciously asked, “Wanting, are you still there?”

Song Wanting recovered and hurriedly said, “I’m here, I’m sorry Master Ye, I just had something wrong, and I lost my mind all of a sudden.”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “It’s nothing, you can tell the old man first, and then visit him when I go back.”

Song Wanting hurriedly said, “Okay Master Ye, then I won’t delay your busy schedule, and I will contact you when you come back.”

“Okay, go back and contact.”

Ye Chen hung up the phone and didn’t realize there was a problem, so he returned to the main hall again and continued to confirm the process with the Ye family.

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