The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3339


When the entire Yanjing thought that there was only one night left in the Ye family, Ye Chen had already finalized the entire ancestor worship ceremony with the Ye family.

Although the Ye family were absent-minded, they could only bite the bullet and push forward.

All the procedures were set, Ye Chen stood up and said: “You guys have a rest early tonight, and every step of the day must be carried out in accordance with the procedures tomorrow. If anyone goes on a business trip on such an important matter, don’t blame me Ye Chen for turning his face!”

Ye Changkong couldn’t help but sighed: “The ancestor worship ceremony is easy to say, the key is what to do with Wan Pojun? He will go to Yeling Mountain at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, what shall we fight with him?”

Ye Chen said calmly: “You don’t need to worry about what to fight with him, and you don’t need to worry about everyone you are sitting on.”

Ye Changyun blurted out and asked: “Listen to what you mean, Wanpo Army and Wanlong Palace, can you do it alone?”

“Of course.” Ye Chen said calmly: “Everyone must gather on Yeling Mountain at seven o’clock tomorrow morning, and no one must be one minute late! Doesn’t Wan Pojun come at eight o’clock? One hour is enough for him. So our ancestor worship ceremony officially begins at nine o’clock!”

“Wipe…” Ye Feng, who had been slapped a few times and finally honestly all afternoon, couldn’t sit still anymore when he heard Ye Chen’s words. He stood up and said angrily: “Ye Chen! I really can’t bear it anymore. What time is it, are you still pretending to be here?! Tomorrow our time of death is coming! You are still talking about it, saying that you can fix Wan Pojun in an hour?”

Ye Chen looked at him, frowning, and asked: “Are you not slapped enough?”

Ye Feng trembled in shock, but still bit his neck and said, “I didn’t say these words for myself, I did it for the entire Ye family! I don’t allow the Ye family to be sent to death by you!”

Ye Chen ignored him, looked at Ye Hao beside him, and said coldly: “Ye Hao! Give me a palm on his mouth!”

“What are you talking about…” Ye Hao asked with a dazed look: “Why me? I won’t do it!”

Ye Chen said coldly: “Don’t do it, right? Okay, pack up your things tonight and get out of Ye’s house. Never come back!”

“What?!” Ye Haoteng stood up and said angrily: “Why let me get out of the Ye family!”

Ye Chen asked blankly, “It’s been a day, don’t you know who has the final say in the Ye family?”

Ye Hao looked at Ye Zhongquan and said aggrieved: “Grandpa…Ye Chen is too much! Isn’t this holding a chicken feather as an arrow?!”

Ye Zhongquan kept watching with cold eyes. At this time, he couldn’t help being furious, and questioned him: “You treat what I said as a feather?! I have already said that at special moments, everything in the Ye family is decided by Chen’er. Are you deaf or deliberately? Do you pretend to understand? Or are you not convinced by what I said when I am getting older?!”

Everyone in the Ye family was frightened by the angry look of the old man.

Ye Zhongquan looked at Ye Hao and said coldly: “Chen’er said just now, if you don’t do it, you will immediately pack your things and get out! No one intercedes!”

When Ye Hao’s father Ye Changyun heard this, he looked at Ye Hao anxiously, and shouted: “Fuck you still? I really want to get out?!”

Ye Hao was also frightened. If he was really kicked out of the Ye family, what hope would he have in this life?

So, he barely thought about it, directly raised his hand, and suddenly pulled Ye Feng’s face.

Ye Feng was also frightened by Ye Zhongquan’s aura. He didn’t notice that Ye Hao, his cousin who had always been kneeling behind his ass and licking him, actually raised his hand and pulled him over!


A crisp slap in the face echoed in the hall.

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