The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3350

When Su Shoudao heard Ye Chen’s question, he couldn’t help but smile and said: “Mr. Ye’s ability, I know…”

After speaking, he looked at Chen Zhonglei next to him and smiled bitterly: “Isn’t this one of the four kings of the Wanlong Palace? It is said to be the one second only to the broken army in strength, but in front of Mr. Ye, he It may not have survived a face-to-face encounter, so it seems that the broken army in front of you, Mr. Ye, is nothing more than a man’s arm as a car…”

Ye Chen smiled slightly, looked at Chen Zhonglei on the side, and asked him: “Chen Zhonglei, how strong is your Palace Master?”

Chen Zhonglei respectfully said: “Hallmaster is an eight-star warrior, and his strength is much higher than mine.”

Ye Chen nodded, and asked again: “Then, do you think we two are stronger?”

Chen Zhonglei said without hesitation: “You must be stronger…Although my strength is not as strong as the palace master, at least I can compete head-on with the palace master for dozens of rounds, but I am in front of you, There is no way to parry…”

For a long time, Chen Zhonglei’s consciousness was banned by Ye Chen, and most of the time he didn’t say what he did or said.

But this time, his own consciousness and his body were surprisingly completely consistent.

Although he didn’t know what magical power Ye Chen used, he could directly seal his consciousness completely.

But he knew that Ye Chen’s methods were more than a realm higher than martial arts.

The gap in this is like the gap between a cold weapon and a hot weapon, and it cannot be crossed.

Ye Chen heard what Chen Zhonglei said, nodded and smiled: “Eight-star martial artist, it is not easy. In order to achieve this cultivation base, Wan Pojun should have not suffered less in the past two decades, right?”

Chen Zhonglei nodded and said: “The hall master is a rare martial arts genius in the world, and there are ancestors behind him. The starting point is much higher than most martial arts people, and the hall master wants to avenge his parents. For this goal, he I practiced three-nine in winter and three-quarters in summer, and practiced for 18 hours a day, 20 years as a day. Only then did I have today’s strength.”

Ye Chen smiled indifferently: “He endured the humiliation and suffered for 20 years, and in the end only came to die with his parents’ coffin. Thinking about it this way, his fate is really tragic.”

After that, he looked at Su Shoudao and said with a smile: “Mr. Su, take a good rest tonight. I have to get up early tomorrow to meet with your nephew, so I won’t bother too much.”

Su Shoudao couldn’t help shivering.

Immediately, Ye Chen looked at He Hongsheng and ordered: “Mr. He, send them to Yeling Mountain by 7 o’clock tomorrow morning. I will wait on Yeling Mountain by then.”

He Hongsheng immediately clasped his fists in his hands and said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, please rest assured, tomorrow morning, the old man will personally send these two people to Yeling Mountain!”

Ye Chen nodded and smiled slightly and said, “You have worked so hard, after tomorrow, Ye Chen will have a gift!”

Su Shoudao said in a flustered manner: “Mr. Ye…Baojun doesn’t know your true face of Lushan. Please let him go tomorrow because he just wants to avenge his parents and is excusable. A way to survive…”

Ye Chen sneered: “Mr. Su, if you do something wrong, you have to bear the consequences. You have lived for fifty years, don’t you understand this truth?”

After speaking, Ye Chen said again: “If you didn’t take the lead in the establishment of the Anti-Ye League back then, you must now have your wife and children hot, instead of being locked up here by me!”

Su Shoudao nervously said: “Mr. Ye, I didn’t mean that…I think that the child Pojun has not had an easy life… He is also eager to avenge his parents and is understandable. ……”

Ye Chen said coldly: “His parents both died by suicide. What revenge does he have? Besides, if he wants to avenge his parents, he has to pick up my parents’ graves. What is the reason? I will kill him tomorrow. Before, I had to step on his head and ask him who taught him it!”

Su Shoudao was shocked and wanted to say something, but when the words reached his lips, he swallowed back quickly.

He knew that Wan Pojun had provoke Ye Chen too thoroughly this time…

Even if the child came to find the Ye family directly, confronted the gongs and drums face to face, or had a contest, it would be understandable, but why did he let his words out and pick up the graves of Ye Changying and his wife?

It’s not death, what is it?

Ye Chen said indifferently at this time: “Mr. Su, you’d better hurry up and pray to heaven now, praying that your Su family will not be involved in this matter! Otherwise, no matter who is involved, Ye Chen will never be merciless!”

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