The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3354

Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “It can almost be said that most of their failure was thanks to me.”

Gu Yanzhong was dumbfounded, and after a long while, he wished he couldn’t stand up to the sky and laugh!

Immediately, he laughed loudly and said: “Hahaha! That’s great! That’s great! That said, the Wanlong Temple is not an enemy at all. It’s a damn fate spanning thousands of miles to give Chen’er you Allies of pillows!!”

Having said that, he easily pulled out the infusion needle from his wrist and shook his hand at Lin Wanqiu: “Wife! Quick! Prepare wine and food! I want to have a few drinks with Chen’er! I’m going to be drunk tonight!”

Lin Wanqiu was equally excited and intolerable, but when she thought that her husband had lost the antihypertensive medicine on his front foot, he pulled out the needle on the back foot and was ready to drink.

So she smiled helplessly: “You are infusion, how can you drink?”

Unexpectedly, Gu Yanzhong blurted out and retorted: “Drink! You must drink! This is much easier than the New Year! Is it fair to not drink a little wine!”

What Gu Yanzhong didn’t know was that Su Chengfeng also thought so at this time.


This night, it suddenly drizzled in Yanjing.

In this silent spring rain, many people have insomnia, and many people are greedy and drunk.

The first to fall drunk was the elderly Su Chengfeng.

There is no way, he is so happy tonight.

After the Su family suffered huge blows one after another and was fragmented, he finally ushered in an exciting moment.

Because he had been depressed for too long before, he was already a little overwhelmed at the moment.

He drank half of the bottle of Moutai that Su Anshun brought over by himself, and the other half was poured on the ground by a cup, and he gave it to Ye Changying.

Saying that he wanted to respect Ye Changying from the Ye Family’s family, in fact, it was just to satisfy his inner pleasure.

At the end of the drink, Su Chengfeng looked back and saw that he was quietly rushing back to Yanjing with Su Anshun. There was no child or grandchild, and no relative, and he was very melancholy.

He drank a few more glasses, cried and laughed for a long time, and finally couldn’t beat the drunkenness and drowsiness, and was sent back to the room by Su Anshun.

And the same drunk, there is Wan Pojun.

Because tomorrow morning, he will lift the coffin of his parents from his ancestral grave and take it to Yeling Mountain, so he plans to stay overnight in front of his parents’ grave tonight.

After 20 years of enduring humiliation, now he finally wants to avenge his parents. Excited, he drank several kilograms of liquor in front of his parents’ grave.

Originally with his strength, he could completely force alcohol out of the body through internal force, but he did not do so because he really wanted to get drunk.

On the other side, Gu Yanzhong was also drunk, so drunk that he was almost unconscious.

Ye Chen helped him back to his bedroom with Lin Wanqiu.

He is so happy tonight.

After worrying for a whole day, fearing for a whole day, and suffocating for a whole day, he suddenly got good news from Ye Chen. This mood of driving low and walking high made him excited and intolerable.

Lin Wanqiu took care of Gu Yanzhong and fell asleep. Gu Qiuyi took Ye Chen’s hand and stayed in the living room for a long time, unwilling to let go.

Ye Chen persuaded her to go to sleep, but she didn’t agree with her life or death, she had to lean on Ye Chen’s shoulder on the sofa.

She said that in this way, she could always feel the existence of Ye Chen, because she was afraid that after waking up, Ye Chen had already left home and went to Yeling Mountain alone.

Ye Chen knew that this girl cared about herself, so she let her go.

As a result, the two sat on the sofa, chatting about the past, until Gu Qiuyi couldn’t help but fell asleep.

Ye Chen just sat on the sofa and let Gu Qiuyi lean against him.

He didn’t even think about Wan Pojun in his mind. All he thought about was how he would inherit his father’s will in the future and let the Ye Family reach the top of the world.

Although he knows very little about the situation overseas, he always feels that a broad road has begun to take shape, and he just waits for himself to really set off!

Moreover, like Wan Pojun, he also hopes to one day avenge his dead parents!

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translation: thanks for the update Looking forward to reading the next chapter I’m having fun thank you

It rained all night long.

After spending the night in front of his parents ‘grave, Wan Pojun close his eyes in front of his parents’ grave and sleep….

Unfortunatelly, he wake up after the Ye’s Family Anchestral Grave is over and all plan are ruined….

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