The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3357

Seeing Ye Chen suddenly kneeling on one knee, these old loyalists of Ye Changying back then stepped forward to help, and they were already in tears.

Among them, the eldest old man shed tears and said: “Master, you can’t do it! We are all your servants, how can we receive such a gift from you!”

Ye Chen said firmly: “Everyone is my father’s old ministry, and I can still appear here today. They are all kind to my Ye family, Ye Chen is indefinitely grateful!”

The old man hurriedly said: “Master, this is what we should do! In fact, when the old Master Ying had an accident, those of us who were not able to work hard for him by his side were our dereliction of duty! We have been negligent for so many years. One day you won’t blame yourself for guilt, and now that you finally come back, you can be considered as giving us a chance to redeem our sins!”

Ye Chen sighed: “Everyone is serious!”

Immediately, he looked at Dean Zhang of the orphanage and said respectfully: “Dean Zhang, how are you doing?”

Dean Zhang hurriedly stepped forward and bowed respectfully: “Thanks for your concern, Master Xia has been fine recently, but for so many years, Xia Xia had to conceal your identity from Master Xia for special reasons. Please forgive me, Master.”

Ye Chen arched his hands and said: “Dean Zhang, you are serious. I know you have been protecting me secretly. For so many years, you have worked hard.”

After speaking, Ye Chen looked at everyone again and said sincerely: “Uncles and uncles, you have worked hard!”

The old man said in a hurry: “Master, this is our business!”

Dean Zhang also said: “Yes, Master! These are our own affairs. Almost all of our lives are given by Master Changying. After a while, Master Zhang can rest assured that if the people from the Wanlong Palace are killed, they must step on it. Let our corpses pass!”

Ye Chen said hurriedly: “You guys, don’t need it! I’m going to solve the matter face-to-face with the Wanpojun in the Wanlong Temple in person. Uncles are here, just keep the gate and don’t let other idlers wait in. Mountain, as for the people in the Wanlong Temple, please be sure to let them in without any hindrance.”

“How can this be done!” The old man immediately said anxiously: “Master, we are here today to fight the Wanlong Palace to the end!”

Tang Sihai hurriedly stepped forward at this time and said, “Everyone, listen to me first! Master Chen is absolutely sure to deal with the Wan Po Army, and you don’t want to ruin the good deeds of Master. Let them go up the mountain!”

Everyone looked shocked.

Several people immediately stepped forward and repeatedly confirmed with Tang Sihai.

Tang Sihai said very firmly every time, and this made everyone had to accept this order.

They don’t know whether Ye Chen is really sure to deal with Wan Pojun, but since Ye Chen and Tang Sihai have confirmed it several times, they can only do it.

Seeing that they were persuaded, Ye Chen once again arched his hands at everyone, and said: “You have worked so hard to stay here, and I will go up the mountain first.”

After all, Ye Chen sat back in Tang Sihai’s car and continued to drive to the top of the mountain.

Ye Chen took the car all the way up the mountain, feeling full of emotion in his heart.

This is the second time he has visited Yeling Mountain, and it is of great significance to him.

On the top of the mountain at this moment, all the direct members of the Ye Family’s family have arrived.

In addition, Hong Wu, Chen Zekai and Helena have also arrived.

However, the more than 700 people originally scheduled for the branch of the Ye family almost ran away last night.

The only thing left is Ye Zhongquan’s younger brother, Ye Zhongzhuo.

And Ye Zhongzhuo’s children and grandchildren have also fled Yanjing overnight and returned to North America in the early hours of yesterday morning.

As for the other hundreds of people, they all ran home with stars and stars.

They knew that Wanlong Palace was only targeting the Ye Family of Yanjing this time, and had nothing to do with these collateral branches of them.

In this case, how could they stay and share the troubles with the Ye family?

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