The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3427

Richard said with lingering fear: “Fortunately, I reacted quickly! As soon as you finished talking about killing, I stopped the message!”

Olivia let out a sigh of relief, and while stroking her chest, she gritted her teeth and cursed: “Helena, this bitch! My sanity has been ruined by her!”

Richard didn’t speak, but watched Helena’s video with his wife, and then said: “What does Helena want to do when he comes back? Is it to save her mother?”

Olivia’s mother Wendy said at this moment: “Helena is not a fool. She must know that with her ability, it is impossible to find her mother’s whereabouts. So, in my opinion, she’s coming back this time. Maybe I want to show our favor and take the opportunity to ease the relationship.”

Olivia said coldly: “I don’t care what her purpose is, but she went back to Northern Europe without my permission. This shows that she disobeyed my order!”

Having said that, Olivia said again: “Also, I asked her to go to St. Petersburg, Russia yesterday, but instead of listening, she dared to return to Northern Europe. What a courage!!”

“And she actually said in a short video that she would be my bridesmaid! I won’t let her be my bridesmaid! My wedding, she will never be allowed to jump out and grab the limelight!”

Richard frowned and said: “I heard that the Ye family has surrendered to the Wanlong Temple, but even though it surrendered, the Ye family should have left half of its assets, which is at least one or two hundred billion euros in assets. This strength should not be underestimated.”

“Moreover, Helena’s Concorde plane is also the Ye family’s asset. It can be seen that although the Ye family has suffered heavy losses, they have not completely fallen. To us, she is still very valuable.”

Speaking of this, he advised Olivia: “So, I don’t think you should be too angry, but first see what Helena wants to do. If she really wants to repair the relationship with you, and at the same time after you get married, If she can leave Northern Europe consciously, let her cooperate with us and attract Ye Family’s funds to Northern Europe. Why are you so stiff with her?”

Olivia said with a disgusted expression: “Because I don’t like to be equal to Helena!”

After all, she gritted her teeth and continued: “For so many years, I have been suppressed by her no matter what I do. She is ahead of me when it comes to the law of inheritance! She is also prettier than me when it comes to looks! She is always prettier than me when it comes to looks! Better than me! Even the degree of popular love, she far surpasses me!”

“Later, I finally got the first heir, but her popular support rate is still the highest!”

Speaking of this, Olivia roared angrily: “The most unbearable thing is that! After I was canonized as the first in line, there were nearly a million Nordic nationals who were full of food and doing nothing. I went to the US White House website to petition, asking the White House to intervene in the Nordic royal family, and let Helena restore the first heir! This incident has been ranked first in the news list in European and American countries. To me, it is a shame for a lifetime! !!!”

“So, what I want is for her to bow her head to me permanently! Whenever you see me, you have to bow down and call me your Royal Highness Olivia respectfully!”

Her mother Wendy hurriedly said: “Olivia, don’t be so angry for now. Helena has already posted a video and publicly announced that she is coming back. In order not to let the public pick her up, we can only temporarily accept her and let her She is attending your wedding.”

Wendy said again: “At the same time, you have to let her be your bridesmaid, because only in this way can you ensure that the people will not raise any questions. Once the wedding is over, she will be forced to consciously leave Northern Europe and never let her live. since.”

Olivia said with a distorted expression: “She is deliberately using the people to pinch me! Did I just let her come and walk freely?! If she succeeds this time, it won’t take long. She will have the next time! If she comes back like this on the day I enthroned, what should I do?! It’s really unreasonable!”

Wendy said, “Olivia, don’t worry about this. This time Helena has already posted a video and got on the plane. We will let her come back for the time being, but after returning, we must control her and tell her, If she dares to return to Northern Europe without permission next time, then we will kill her mother immediately and let her decide for herself!”

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