The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3433

Helena asked subconsciously: “Who is the other friend you are talking about?”

Olivia laughed: “This friend is an oligarch in Russia, Aman Ramovic.”

Helena had already learned from the two entourages that Olivia wanted to sell herself to Aman Ramovich, so when she heard this, her heart suddenly shook.

However, she tried her best to control her emotions, pretending to be surprised: “Olivia, when did you become friends with such a vulgar person?”

Olivia squinted at Helena, and asked a little surprised: “Helena, has anyone mentioned Aman Ramovic to you?”

Helena shook her head blankly: “No one mentioned it, what’s the matter?”

Today, Helena left the two subordinates placed by Olivia and came back alone, and Olivia knew that her identity had been exposed.

Now, she didn’t know whether her two people had told Helena of her plan.

Because before, she instructed two of her men to lie to Helena to go to the airport, and then send her directly to St. Petersburg.

But now that Helena looked blank, Olivia thought she might not even know about it.

So, Olivia smiled profoundly and said: “This Aman Ramovich is a very nice man, rich and gentleman, but he is a little older, so there is no such thing as they say. It’s so crude and don’t look at it.”

Helena pretended to smile casually: “In my impression, the nobles in Western Europe seem to have been repelling him all the time. Why did you invite him over?”

Olivia laughed and said: “Although Aman Ramovich has no commendable background, he is at least a billionaire with a value of tens of billions of dollars. I want to revitalize the royal family in the future. Of course, I must have a good relationship with this rich. .”

As he was talking, the sound of an airplane engine outside was getting closer and closer, and a brand new Gulfstream G650 business jet, guided by the guide car, slowly taxied towards the hangar.

Olivia raised her eyebrows and smiled: “Aman Ramovic is here!”

The G650 quickly stopped at the position next to the Concorde, the door opened, and a short and thin middle-aged man in a dark blue suit walked out of the door with a smile on his face.

This person is the only remaining oligarch in Russia today, Aman Ramovich.

Aman Ramovich was born in poverty, but caught the wave of the times, accumulated wealth in a crazy period in Russia, and quickly rose to the top rich.

When Aman Ramovic got off the plane, he smiled and said to Olivia: “His Royal Highness Princess Olivia, long time no see!”

After speaking, he immediately looked at Helena on the side with a look of greed, and said with a smile: “This, should be Princess Helena, right?”

Helena was somewhat uncomfortable, and Olivia next to her, after seeing Aman Ramovic’s obsessive eyes with Helena, smiled and said: “Mr. Aman Ramovic, this is my sister. , Princess Helena.”

Aman Ramovich immediately stretched out his hand to Helena, looking forward to kissing her, while very gentlemanly said: “It’s very nice to meet you, Your Royal Highness Princess Helena!”

Helena didn’t want Aman Ramovic to kiss her hand. She had already guessed Olivia’s motive for inviting Aman Ramovic, and she was disgusted, so she nodded at him slightly with an apologetic face. Said: “Sorry Mr. Aman Ramovic, because my fiancé is from Huaxia, so I have to abide by Huaxia’s customs and cannot give kisses. Please forgive me!”

Aman Ramovich laughed awkwardly, then quietly retracted his hand, and said with a smile, “I understand something, something wrong!”

Olivia glanced at Helena and sneered in her heart: “Helena, what are you pretending to be reserved? It won’t be long before you will be Aman Ramovic’s woman!”

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