The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3444

Richard had already regarded Ye Chen as a plague god at this moment because of his inner brain replenishment.

Right now, he just wants to stabilize the current situation and stop having any new contradictions with Ye Chen.

So, he quietly gave Olivia a warning look, and then asked Ye Chen: “Mr. Ye, then let’s officially start?”

Ye Chen nodded slightly, without speaking.

Richard breathed a sigh of relief, and then quickly announced that the banquet for relatives and friends before the wedding had officially begun.

During the dinner, Richard put down his previous so-called royal figure and frequently toasted Ye Chen, his expressions and expressions were respectful.

Olivia really didn’t understand, so she called her father aside for an excuse and asked him in a low voice, “Dad, what happened to you all this time? Why do you want to be so humble to Ye Chen?”

Richard warned: “The Ye Family and Wanlongdian may have worked closely together. Don’t touch Ye Chen’s brows for the time being.”

Only then did Olivia figure it out, and hurriedly asked: “Dad, what about Helena’s marriage?”

Richard said: “This matter will be delayed for the time being. Look at Aman Ramovich’s solemnity, even if you ask him to take Helena away, he may not dare to take it.”

Olivia gritted her teeth and said unwillingly: “If Helena marries the Ye family, wouldn’t it be the Wanlong Palace backing her?”

Richard comforted: “Don’t think about it now, hurry up to finish the wedding, and then hurry up to take the throne, there is nothing more important than this! As for Helena, you don’t have to worry too much, she herself I am seriously ill, even if I marry the Ye family and have Wanlongdian backing, how many years can I live for?”

When Olivia heard this, her expression finally eased a little.

However, in her mind, she couldn’t help thinking of fiancé William’s plan to cheat Ye Chen before, and she wanted to ask her father for advice.

But after another thought, I felt that my father was a little too jealous of Ye Chen now. If he knew it, he would definitely not agree, so he didn’t say more.

Back at the dinner table, William asked her in a low voice: “Olivia, do we still want to do the thing we discussed?”

“Do!” Olivia replied in a low voice: “As long as the croupier you mentioned is a good player, don’t be found out, it’s upright and no one is afraid.”

From Olivia’s point of view, although the Wanlong Palace is powerful, it is not daring to do everything. If Ye Chen loses money here today, then he has to be willing to gamble and give in. After all, the Wanlong Palace is a mercenary organization. Evil organizations, if they dare to come forward, it will naturally trigger resistance from the whole society.

Therefore, Ye Chen could not be easily let go without saying anything this time, at least the Concorde airliner had to be left behind.

For these two people, the Concorde airliner, the top luxury for top players, is so attractive that it is unparalleled. Since the evil intentions have been moved, they will definitely not be easily dismissed.

Sure enough, when the dinner was almost going on, a young man in his thirties at the dinner table smiled and said, “Everyone, it’s still early, do you want to play two poker?”

When Ye Chen heard this, he raised his eyebrows lightly, and said in his heart: “It’s finally coming.”

As soon as they heard that they were going to play poker, several other young people at the table were all interested and raised their hands one after another. One of them smiled and said, “Okay! How about playing two Texas Hold’em?”

“Count me in!”

“That’s me!”

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