The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3450

The next hand has a new meaning.

When the four cards were issued, Ye Chen quickly got three Aces, two of which were on the bright side.

And William is awesome, his cards are 10, J, Q, K, and he is all spades.

Seeing this card, William knew in his heart that his croupier buddy should be planning to give himself a straight flush, and then give Ye Chen a four Aces.

Straight flush is the largest card type in Texas Hold’em, and it kills all others.

Ye Chen had exposed two Aces at this time, and the best card type was four Aces.

Even if he has four Aces, it is impossible to win a straight flush.

Therefore, William had no doubt that Ye Chen would lose, and he would win.

But Ye Chen didn’t seem to believe in evil, and after a few rounds of betting, he had almost all the chips in it.

Seeing that the last card was dealt, Ye Chen said with a smile: “Mr. William, if I lose this, the plane will go to you, and the billion euros will immediately pass the finances.”

William was so excited, his heart rate was a bit chaotic, and he blurted out: “I’m sorry, Mr. Ye, look at this hand, it cost you money today!”

“Hey!” Ye Chen waved his indifferent big hand, and Yun Dan said lightly: “This little money is a fart? The Wanlongdian will leave my Ye family for hundreds of billions of euros as soon as I speak. We will not give it to you. ?”

As he said, Ye Chen laughed, and said in a tone of support to the younger brother: “I, today is your God of Wealth. I will come over a short distance to give you some pocket money. How much you can win depends on you. ability!”

With that said, Ye Chen glanced at the croupier and said with a smile: “Come on, deal the cards!”

The croupier immediately began to deal the last card.

The card to Ye Chen was an ace of spades.

Seeing Ye Chen got the ace of spades, William was not at all surprised.

It seemed that his friend was going to give Ye Chen a four Aces, which was second only to a straight flush.

However, William believes that the card his friend made for himself must be a straight flush of 9, 10, J, Q, and K.

As long as you get a straight flush, you can win Ye Chen’s four Aces.

Therefore, he firmly believes that his last card must be the 9 of spades!

At this time, Ye Chen directly turned over his hole cards, and said lightly: “Mr. William, I have four aces. It seems that you can only win with a straight flush. This straight flush is not so easy to take.”

William smiled confidently: “Mr. Ye, I was very lucky today, so I’m sure that my last card must be the 9 of spades!”

Ye Chen curled his lips: “Don’t follow me, I don’t believe you at all!”

William raised his eyebrows, and asked with a smile: “Since Mr. Ye doesn’t believe me, you might as well let the croupier deal directly with the cards. Let’s hurry up and decide the outcome!”

“Don’t!” Ye Chen stretched out his hand to stop, and laughed: “Since we have played, then we might as well play a little bigger. For this hand, let’s add another 2 billion euros. How about an exciting play?”

Everyone at the scene is crazy.

One person blurted out: “An additional 2 billion euros per person?! This…this is life-killing!”

Another person echoed: “I have never seen such a big gambling game…”

“Yeah…too…too damn exciting!”

William was also stupid.

To say that Ye Chen’s previous performance was a qualified scavenger boy, then Ye Chen’s performance now seems to him to be a Jesus for scavenging wealth.

I’ve seen someone giving money, but I’ve never seen someone sending money like this before.

Directly add 2 billion?

The money was so big that William didn’t dare to ask for it!

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