The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3468

For Olivia, there is only one way to go to the dark now.

Otherwise, not only Ye Chen will have to pay billions of compensation here, but the Queen will also be in prison for treason!

Now she just wants to kill Ye Chen and the Queen!

As long as the two of them are resolved, not only can money be saved, but the position of the queen can be inherited smoothly by herself!

The empress thought that her granddaughter would openly kill herself in front of so many people, and suddenly shouted in anger: “Olivia! You are so brave, how dare you kill the monarch! Do you know the killing? Is the crime of the king the heaviest crime?!”

Olivia no longer fears the identity of the queen, and said coldly: “What crime of killing the king, as long as I kill you, I am the king!”

Helena blurted out: “Olivia! As your sister, I advise you to hurry up before you make a big mistake! Strive for grandma and Mr. Ye’s leniency, otherwise, your life will be over!”

Olivia seemed to hear Tianda’s joke, and said contemptuously: “Helena, you don’t really think that with the two of them, you can come back today?”

Helena said coldly: “Aren’t you afraid of the Royal Guard?”

Olivia smiled sinisterly: “So you still imagined that the Royal Guard could come to rescue you? I tell you Helena, all the soldiers of the Royal Guard were transferred to the first floor by me, and this ward did it before. Soundproofing, no matter what happens here, they will not be able to hear it!”

Although Olivia has a group of dead men of her own, she can’t control the entire royal family.

Especially the Royal Guard guarding the palace.

The Royal Guard is loyal to the queen, and at the same time more loyal to the laws of Northern Europe. They are soldiers trained by the country to guard the palace.

Therefore, even if Olivia has great abilities, it is impossible to buy them all.

However, as long as you can solve the problem in this ward, you don’t have to worry about the Royal Guard.

So, Olivia said to Helena while holding the winning ticket: “My good sister, I have already arranged your fate for you! Don’t worry, we sisters, I can’t let you do anything. Dead in vain! After all, Aman Ramovich has always been obsessed with your body! After I get rid of the two of them, I will spare your life, pack you and give it to him, and let him imprison you in St. Petersburg for the rest of my life. Be his plaything! When he gets tired of playing with you, let him kill you again!”

As he said, Olivia sneered: “Oh, yes, the one surnamed Ye just hit Aman Ramovich. I believe he must be suffocated. When he brings you back to St. Petersburg, he will definitely be there for you. I vent my body well!”

Helena was shocked by Olivia’s viciousness and could not speak, but Olivia at this time had already lost patience and shouted at the group of people in black: “What are you still doing? Don’t do it quickly! Kill the one surnamed Ye first!”

The queen said angrily: “I am the Queen of Northern Europe! I want to see who dares to move me!”

The man in black was hesitating, and William immediately shouted from behind: “Who can kill this old immortal, I will give him an extra 20 million euros! Who can kill Ye Chen, I will give him 100 million!”

Originally, these people in black were still a little afraid of the identity of the empress, but when they heard this, they all thought about money in addition to money!

Immediately afterwards, a man in black roared, took out a dagger and rushed towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen at this time, in his eyes, is 100 million euros in cash!

As long as Ye Chen is killed, the money will be enough for him and his family to live their lives in prosperity!

Others suddenly woke up at this moment, many people went straight to Ye Chen, and a few chose to attack the queen directly because they were relatively close to the queen!

The queen didn’t know what to do when she thought that these people would really dare to do something to herself.

At this time, Helena by her side immediately pulled her behind her.

The empress also dreamed that she, the eldest granddaughter who had been sick all the time, could stand in front of her at a critical moment, and she could not show the slightest panic on her expression. She was moved in her heart, and she also admired Helena’s undaunted aura.

But she didn’t know that the reason Helena was not afraid of danger was entirely because she knew Ye Chen’s strength!

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