The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3478

When the queen officially announced that she would pass the throne to Helena, Ye Chen had already thought of returning.

The purpose of his visit to Northern Europe this time is to help Helena to the throne. Now this purpose has been successfully achieved. In addition to this, he will receive an extra 5 billion euros in cash, which can be said to be far beyond original expectations.

Therefore, he felt that he had no need to continue to stay in Northern Europe at this moment, so he might as well return to China overnight.

However, at this time, Helena was with her mother in the infirmary, because when the mother and daughter met, Helena’s mother was a little too emotional, and she cried several times until she lost control of her emotions, and the royal doctor immediately treated her. Taken to the medical room for a detailed examination.

After examination, the doctor confirmed Helena’s mother’s physical condition, in addition to malnutrition, there is also a severe neurasthenia.

According to doctors, the main cause of neurasthenia is the panic and fear these days.

Helena’s mother had always been worried about Helena’s situation, but after she was imprisoned by Olivia, she also worried that she would not have a chance to meet her daughter in the future, so she was mentally tortured.

After Ye Chen decided to leave, he said to the Queen: “Since the matter has been resolved, I will not stay in Northern Europe. I also ask the Queen to take care of the two families of William and Olivia. I will arrange someone to come to Northern Europe tomorrow. Pick them up.”

The queen hurriedly said: “Mr. Ye, it’s already late at night. You might as well take a rest in the palace first. It’s not too late to leave tomorrow.”

Ye Chen waved his hand and said, “I can take a short rest on the way back. I won’t stay here to waste time. Huaxia still has a lot of things waiting for me to deal with.”

The queen said with regret: “Mr. Ye, in fact, I want to keep you in the palace for a few more days, and then attend Helena’s coronation ceremony. I believe she must also look forward to your being able to witness her ascend to the throne.. ….”

Ye Chen smiled slightly and said: “I am not an outsider to participate in the coronation ceremony of your royal family. Moreover, as an Asian face, if I appear at the coronation ceremony of the royal family in Northern Europe, I will also attract speculation. I also hope to have more business cooperation with the royal family. If the Nordic people discover the clues in advance, I am afraid that there will be a lot of negative comments by then. Isn’t it just an increase in trouble.”

Seeing Ye Chen’s decision, the queen said respectfully: “Since Mr. Ye has already decided, then I can’t force it. I will arrange the royal motorcade to escort Mr. Ye to the airport.”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “Then I will trouble you.”

The queen hurriedly greeted the person in charge of the Royal Guard, and said: “Hurry up and get the team ready, and also notify Princess Helena, saying that Mr. Ye is leaving, let her see him off soon.”

Ye Chen didn’t want to disturb Helena’s reunion with her mother, but he was leaving after all. It would be unkind if he didn’t say hello in person, so he didn’t say much.

Soon, Helena walked in with a pale woman. When she saw Ye Chen, she said anxiously: “Mr. Ye… why are you leaving so soon? You I have just landed in Northern Europe for a few hours, so at least I should take a break before leaving…”

Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “You’ve seen everything about Yeling Mountain with your own eyes, and there are many things waiting for me to finish.”

When Helena thought of Yeling Mountain at this moment, not only was kneeling in the Wanlong Hall nearly a hundred soldiers and the immediate family members of the Ye Family, but even those branches of the Ye Family might have rushed back. If you want to do these things, Ye Chen must go back. Preside over the overall situation.

Thinking of this, even though she felt unwilling to give up, she could only say softly: “Mr. Ye has a lot of affairs, so Helena won’t keep him…”

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