The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3494

Wan Pojun’s sudden ruthless words made Ye Tianxiao tremble in shock.

He didn’t expect that Wan Pojun would be so ruthless, and if he said nothing, he wanted to make his family completely irresistible.

Moreover, he had no doubt about Wan Pojun’s attitude. After all, this person was the head of the Wanlong Palace. In the presence of so many tribes and the Ye family, he was definitely not just talking.

What’s more, all of his identity information and family member information are all recorded in the Ye family tree in detail, and he can’t run away.

Thinking of this, he suddenly said in horror: “Master Wandian, I am willing to cooperate! Give up half of the property! Please be merciful…”

Wan Pojun snorted coldly, and asked: “Why? I am afraid now? Didn’t you just say that the assets of your family are all your hard-earned money? I thought you were really strong and wanted Death to defend the property!”

Ye Tianxiao choked and said: “I was confused just now. Don’t worry about it. In fact, money is something outside of your body. No matter how confused you are, this truth is clear…”

Wan Pojun said blankly: “Now that you want to understand, then I will give you another opportunity. If you actively cooperate and take good control of it, Wanlongdian will no longer pursue it. From now on, the water of the well will not be offensive to the river, but If you dare to play cautiously with me, watch out for me to turn my face at any time!”

Ye Tianxiao’s whole body suddenly shuddered, and quickly said: “Don’t worry about the master…

Wan Pojun paid no attention to him, but said to everyone: “If you want to be safe, just transfer half of your family assets to Wanlongdian’s overseas accounts. As long as you spend money to eliminate disasters, I will Longdian will also abide by its promise and will not pursue it any more.”

At this time, everyone expressed their opinions one after another, expressing their willingness to accept the request of the Wanlong Palace.

As soon as Wan Pojun’s conversation turned, he said in a stern tone: “But you don’t want to fool me Wanlong Temple! After the payment is collected, we will also arrange professional financial auditors to evaluate each of you’s family assets. If it is discovered that someone has paid less than half of his assets, he must compensate for the difference three times at that time!”

As soon as these words came out, the faces of every branch of the Ye Family were filled with sorrow.

They originally thought that they could completely conceal the actual situation of their own assets.

However, if according to Wan Pojun’s statement, even if one billion is given, after Wanlongdian’s auditors have assessed their true asset size and found out that they have underpaid three billion, they will be required to pay three times. Compensation, in that case, the compensation alone might cost 10 billion!

At this time, Ye Tianxiao said tremblingly: “The master of the pantheon…The net worth of the family is about 8 billion yuan, but the total amount of cash stocks that can be transferred is probably only about 2 billion. How should the situation be handled?”

Wan Pojun said coldly: “If this is the case, first convert all the stocks into cash, and then transfer all the 2 billion cash to the designated account of Wanlongdian. After you go back, immediately sell some of the others. Assets, pay the remaining 2 billion in place!”

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