The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3524

The appearance of Ye Chen brightened Su Zhiyu’s eyes suddenly.

She looked at Ye Chen in surprise, and blurted out: “Gongong, you are here…”

Ye Chen nodded, and Su Chengfeng beside him said excitedly: “Mr. Ye…thank you for your magnanimity…”

Ye Chen waved his hand faintly.

He is not magnanimous to Su Chengfeng, but Su Chengfeng has honestly handed over the position of Su Family Patriarch, and will no longer pose any threat to him from now on, and after Su Zhiyu inherits the Su Family, his new and old hatreds with the Su Family are also Will write off a sum, so he also has no need to continue to embarrass Su Chengfeng in this matter.

So, he opened his mouth and said to Su Chengfeng: “After Mr. Su arrives in Madagascar, what you do there, in principle, I will not intervene in any way. As long as you don’t fix any moths, I will not disturb you there. Life.”

Su Chengfeng bowed as he received the amnesty, “Thank you Mr. Ye! Thank you Mr. Ye!”

Ye Chen looked at Su Zhiyu and said, “Ms. Su, you should hurry up and select the people who will follow the father to Madagascar in the past two days. At the same time, send two real estate agents to Madagascar. The manor is bought, the people are selected, the place is bought, and the old man can pass by here.”

Su Zhiyu said without hesitation: “Good benefactor, I will start to do these two things tonight.”

Ye Chen nodded lightly, and then said to Su Chengfeng: “Master, it would be more painful for you to go so far by yourself without a family member by your side. Your second son Su Shoude was still held by me in Jinling, waiting for you. After you are all ready, take your second son with you. I ask him to be the same as you, without my permission, not to leave Madagascar, let alone return to China.”

When Su Chengfeng heard that Ye Chen wanted to let Su Shoude go with him, his mood improved a lot.

As Ye Chen said, if you go to Madagascar alone, you have no relatives besides the subordinates. This feeling must be painful. If the second son can go with him, it will be a good thing for him and for himself.

So he said with great gratitude: “Thank you Mr. Ye for a large number of people, I thank you for Shoude!”

Ye Chen nodded, and said to Shoudao: “The He family is still waiting for you. Tonight, you will live in a room with Father He. Tomorrow morning, you will drive back to Jinling with them.”

Previously, when the He family escorted Su Shoudao and Chen Zhonglei to Beijing secretly, they drove all the way. Because of his special status, Su Ruoli chose to drive to Yanjing overnight with his mother He Yingxiu, so they will also drive back this time. Ye Chen planned to let Su Shoudao follow them.

Su Shoudao didn’t touch the Ho family in any way. On the contrary, he was really relieved when he knew that he would be under the surveillance of the Ho family in the future, so he was even more dissatisfied at this time, and said honestly: “Okay Mr. Ye, I see.”

Ye Chen turned people to call Hong Wu, and let Hong Wu take Su Shoudao to Father He’s room.

Later, he said to Su Chengfeng: “Master, you have a good attitude today. If so, then I will give you more freedom. You can go back to the Su family tonight, and a family meeting will be held tomorrow to make Miss Su the Su family. Regarding the Patriarch’s matter, we formally make an announcement to the outside world. You can move freely in Yenching during the period before you set off, but you cannot leave Yenching or play missing. Do you understand?”

When Su Chengfeng heard Ye Chen say that he was able to go home and rest for two days, he was instantly grateful, and choked up: “Mr. Ye, thank you for opening up this old bone to me… Su Mou is grateful. ……”

Su Chengfeng was oppressed by Ye Chen’s tough aura for two days, and knelt on Yeling Mountain for another night. He didn’t know how many times he collapsed. Now Ye Chen was a little more relaxed with him, and he couldn’t help but begin to be grateful for Dade.

Ye Chen waved his hand and said to him: “Okay, if you are grateful, you don’t have to say it, just keep it in your heart. You should hurry and go back. It just happens that these two days will also gather the people who will go to Madagascar with you in the future.”

“Good, good…” Su Chengfeng nodded as if pounding garlic, and blurted out: “Then go back first! Mr. Ye, if you have any instructions, please let Zhiyu convey to me directly, and I will do it!”

Ye Chen nodded and said to Tang Sihai: “Steward Tang, you can drive it.”

Tang Sihai immediately respectfully said: “Good young master.”

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