The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3538

It only takes less than two hours to fly from Yanjing to Jinling.

When the plane landed in Jinling, it was only ten o’clock in the morning.

Knowing that Xiao Churan was definitely not at home, Ye Chen also had no plans to go home immediately. Instead, he asked Chen Zekai’s men to send Du Haiqing back to the old house where Ye Chen’s parents lived, and then went with Chen Zekai and Hong Wu. Buckingham Palace.

Today’s Buckingham Palace seems to be a lot more deserted than before, which is in great contrast to the busy scene of Buckingham Palace.

Ye Chen came to Chen Zekai’s office and sat down and asked Chen Zekai: “By the way, Old Chen, why is Platinum Airing so hot today? I have been here so many times, and today is the most deserted one.”

Chen Zekai said helplessly: “I heard from people under my hand yesterday that it wasn’t just today. In fact, the business of Buckingham Palace has fallen sharply in the past few days. Many companies in Jinling have signed hospitality agreements with us before. Our hotel is regarded as their regular business hospitality hotel, but before the Wanlong Temple released a message to kill Yeling Mountain, since then, they have all terminated their cooperation.”

After speaking, Chen Zekai said again: “After you conquered the Wanlong Palace, you claimed that the Ye family compromised with the Wanlong Palace. The news that the Ye family was conquered by the Wanlong Palace was widely circulated in the market for these two days, so the business of the Buckingham Palace is also It’s drastically reduced.”

After a pause, Chen Zekai explained: “In fact, more than half of the business of our five-star hotels is based on corporate cooperation. Some travel agencies that have cooperation agreements are on the one hand, and those companies that have business entertainment and conference needs are also a party. By the way, as for the individual travelers who stayed in five-star hotels when they go out, there are actually not so many individual travelers. These companies have now drawn a clear line from Buckingham Palace, and the source of tourists has suddenly fallen by more than half, which naturally seems very deserted.”

Ye Chen heard this and couldn’t help laughing: “These companies are really real…Even such a small cooperation has to break the contract, and the contract spirit of this group of people is really too lacking.”

Chen Zekai nodded and said, “Master Ye, you don’t know anything…”

Ye Chen interrupted him as soon as he stretched out his hand and said earnestly: “Old Chen, when you call me Master Ye, I always play very well, just like Hong Wu called me young master, or you should call me young master. I’ve known you for so long and you’ve been calling me that way, and I’m used to it.”

Chen Zekai chuckled and said, “To be honest, Master, I am really awkward when I call you Master Ye…”

After that, I quickly returned to the topic and said seriously: “Master, you don’t know anything. Before, many local companies in Jinling wanted to get close to me, so they signed a hospitality agreement with us.”

“But in fact, our hotel’s consumption level is still very high, and many companies can barely get it by gritting their teeth.”

“For example, for a company, if you use the Express Business Hotel as a hospitality, it will cost more than 100,000 or 200,000 yuan a year, but if you replace it with our five-star hotel, it will cost you at least 600,000 or 700,000 yuan a year. For them , The pressure is still quite large.”

“Now that they feel that the Ye family is declining, they must also feel that there is no need to spend so much extra money to please me.”

Ye Chen nodded and said lightly: “In this case, it’s better to remove half of the hotel’s guest rooms from the sales end.”

After speaking, Ye Chen said again: “From now on, all the administrative buildings of Buckingham Palace will stop selling, leaving the whole building behind. I have other uses.”

“Okay.” Chen Zekai nodded without hesitation and said: “Then I will notify the management in a moment and immediately remove these rooms from all channels.”

Ye Chen snorted and said, “When Wan Pojun arrives, let the people from Wanlong Palace live in first, and also leave a suite for Su Ruoli, and then vacate 20 rooms for me as business hospitality. In the future, let the professional managers of the Ye family come to Jinling to report to me on a regular basis.”

“Good young master.” Chen Zekai hurriedly said: “I will immediately coordinate and replace all the staff in the administration building with my cronies, and at the same time strengthen security management to prevent outsiders from entering.”

“Yeah.” Ye Chen nodded, and said again: “After Wan Pojun arrives, I will ask him to transfer a five-star warrior from Wanlong Palace, and then transfer 30 well-trained subordinates. It is time for them to form a flexible security team in Jinling, commanded by you, and the group of people under your hands are loyal enough, and their combat effectiveness is still weaker. With their supplement, the overall strength will be qualitatively improved. ”

Chen Zekai respectfully said: “Good young master! I will also take this opportunity to let the people of Wanlong Palace help us cultivate more talents!”

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