The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3548

Hearing Ye Chen’s plan, Wang Dongxue nodded repeatedly and said: “Master, I understand what you mean. I will ask someone to write a professional business plan, and even go to an internationally renowned design studio to help us. To design a blueprint, we must start from the highest direction.”

“Yeah.” Ye Chen said: “This matter is left to you. I have three requirements. The first is to be fast; the second is to be good; the third is to be full! Shopping in Dubai Do you know the center? It’s the one that claims to be the largest shopping center in the world. What we want is their feeling, but it’s more advanced and refined than them.”

“Understood!” Wang Dongxue said immediately: “I will immediately proceed with this matter.”

Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, and said, “Other than that, it’s the high-level community.”

After all, Ye Chen zoomed in on the map and found the vicinity of the airport, and then immediately saw several pieces of land that were connected together at a position less than ten kilometers away from the airport in a straight line.

And this piece of land happened to be near the airport expressway, so he said to Wang Dongxue: “I think this area is good. It is close to the airport and next to the expressway. Although it is in a different direction from the city, the traffic should be more convenient. After arriving by plane, you can get there quickly after getting off the plane, which is very convenient.”

Wang Dongxue hurriedly said: “There is still no major development in these pieces of land, and the price should be relatively cheap. As for transportation, because the surrounding areas have been undeveloped, there are no entrances and exits for the expressway temporarily here, but we can. Communicate with the city and the transportation department, try to get them to build a new highway entrance here for us. If it doesn’t work, we can also spend money to build one. This is a small renovation on the basis of the original highway. , It won’t cost much.”

Ye Chen nodded and asked her: “Is there a suitable place to set up a golf course around here? It’s best to develop it together with the golf course and equestrian venue, and then we will go directly to our high-end community. NS.”

Wang Dongxue said earnestly: “Master, a lot of land around here is unused, and there are usually no people and companies developing there. There must be no problems with the golf course.”

“That’s good.” Ye Chen nodded and said, “Then you will talk to the bank about the loan from today. I will also arrange the Ye family to transfer money to the Emgrand Group. You should hurry up and prepare the funds. Take down all the land that can be taken in one breath!”

Wang Dongxue was also extremely excited and blurted out: “Master, don’t worry, I will go all out!”

Ye Chen smiled with satisfaction and said: “By the way, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, a kid named Ye Tao will come over to report to you. That kid should still have two brushes. You will take him to deal with this project when that happens. .”

“Ye Tao?” Wang Dongxue asked hurriedly, “Is it the Ye family?”

“Yeah.” Ye Chen said lightly: “A collateral guy from the Ye family, but he is your subordinate when he comes. You don’t need to show him a good face, just use him as a donkey to make him behave. The level and ability in the stomach are fully utilized!”

Although Wang Dongxue didn’t know who Ye Tao was, she also guessed that Ye Tao had been punished by Ye Chen 80% of the time, so she was arranged to come to the Emgrand Group, so she nodded and said, “Master, don’t worry. Will squeeze out his value!”

Subsequently, Ye Chen and Wang Dongxue carefully studied the land conditions currently to be developed in Jinling, and only after dividing the land of interest did Ye Chen leave the Emgrand Group.

When Ye Chen came out of the Emgrand Group, the lights were already on, and there were busy, bustling, and very hot traffic.

However, the people walking by are not like Yanjing, everyone is very busy.

In Jinling, because the pressure of life is not so great, and the pace of life is not so fast, it can be seen that people still have a bit of leisure and relaxation on their faces.

However, these people who come and go, except Ye Chen, no one knows that the city of Jinling will soon become an object of world attention.

At that time, this economic development has been pulling the hips, and even as the provincial capital, the provincial capital city, which cannot get the first in its own province, will completely usher in a take-off!


Seeing that it was getting late, Ye Chen bought ten gold bricks of a kilogram from a nearby Huaxia Gold store.

After buying the gold bricks, Ye Chen took a taxi directly from the gate of the Jindian and returned to Tomson Yipin.

The reason why he bought the gold bricks is because Ye Chen knows his mother-in-law Ma Lan, and is definitely looking forward to bringing her some gifts when he comes back.

However, Ye Chen really has no more time to choose gifts now, so he simply bought a few gold bricks, and then directly said that they were given by the customer. Ma Lan would definitely be happy when he saw it.

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