The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3550

When Xiao Churan saw his mother’s positive and flattering appearance in front of Ye Chen, he suddenly looked helpless, and couldn’t help muttering: “Mom…how come you will be energetic when Ye Chen comes back?”

Ma Lan hurriedly said: “Nonsense! I’m not here to be energetic, I’m going crazy these days, I’m suffocating all over my body, waiting for my good son-in-law to come back and cook for him. !”

Xiao Churan sighed: “There is not even an egg in the kitchen, what do you do for Ye Chen?”

“Ah? Really?” Ma Lan asked in surprise, “Is there any vegetables in the refrigerator?”

Xiao Churan rolled his eyes: “There are only two small cabbages left, and I let Dad use them in the morning.”

Ma Lan cursed vigorously: “This Xiao Changkun, the cabbage that my old lady bought, why did he eat it? It’s really unreasonable!”

Xiao Churan rubbed his temples: “Mom… the cabbage is almost rotten… Dad said that if you don’t eat it, it will rotten…”

Ma Lan quickly turned away from the subject and said: “Forget it, let’s order food, it’s a surprise, you hurry up to see what’s delicious, come back more!”

After speaking, he said to Ye Chen with a smile on his face: “Ye Chen, you must be exhausted after going out for a few days, come on, hurry up and rest on the sofa!”

Xiao Churan felt the gap. Although he felt a little helpless, he was too lazy to care about with his mother, so he took out his mobile phone and opened the takeaway app to start looking for food.

Ma Lan hurriedly greeted Ye Chen to sit down on the sofa, serving tea and pouring water. Ye Chen asked her to stop working a few times, but she just didn’t want to, and she stunned Ye Chen to make a cup of tea.

After handing Ye Chen the brewed tea, she smiled and asked, “Ye Chen, how about going to Yanjing this time? Is everything going well?”

“It went well.” Ye Chen answered casually.

Ma Lan asked hurriedly: “Oh, I should have made a lot of money this time!”

Ye Chen said casually: “This time the employer is a bit tight on funds, so he won’t give money.”

“Ah?” When Ma Lan heard this, he immediately filled with indignation, “Who is this?! Don’t find someone to work if you don’t have money! He doesn’t give him money if he does work for him. This is too much. !”

Ye Chen smiled and said: “The money is not given, but they have paid for it.”

Ma Lan’s eyes that had just dimmed suddenly lit up again, and hurriedly asked: “Good son-in-law, please tell me what the employer is paying for?”

Ye Chen casually opened the handbag he was carrying, and first took out a gold brick from it.

When Ma Lan saw the golden bricks, she was surprised and said: “Oh my god! The gold bricks! It says 1000, oh my god, 1000 grams!”

After that, she quickly came back to her senses and blurted out: “The price of gold seems to be around four hundred, and this one is only four hundred thousand…”

Ye Chen immediately took out another piece, stacked it with the previous piece, and said, “I didn’t just give it one piece.”

Ma Lan clapped his hands happily: “Oh! There are more!”

Ye Chen took out another piece, and Ma Lan was even more excited: “Mom, three pieces!”

Immediately after…

“Oh, four yuan…”

“Mom, there’s more? This is the fifth piece, right…”

Every time Ye Chen took out a piece of gold, Ma Lan danced with excitement, as if she had finally waited for Tang Sengrou’s old fairy.

Until Ye Chen took out the ten gold bricks and placed them in two rows, Ma Lan opened his eyes wide, staring at the pile of golden gold bricks, and asked excitedly: “Good son-in-law, are there any more? “

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