The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3557

They have longed for a rear base for a long time. Unfortunately, due to their special nature, they failed in many attempts. The vast majority of countries and regions cannot accept that they build the base on their own ground.

Therefore, there are already tens of thousands of people, and they still have to spread their soldiers everywhere. If they are expelled in one place, they must immediately set off to the next place to temporarily settle down.

If they can have a fixed base, then for them, it is equivalent to having a home.

Ye Chen said at this time: “By the way, I think you can go to the Gulf of Aden first to determine the situation of the front base, and at the same time make a specific division of the overall team with your core team. As for the Syrian side, When I finish my work, I will go there in person and talk to them. You can come with me when the time comes.”

Wan Pojun immediately respectfully said: “Subordinates obey orders!”

Ye Chen said again: “Before you leave, select one from the five-star warlords in the Wanlong Palace, and give him a dozen or twenty powerful subordinates, and let them stay in Jinling from now on.”

“Okay Mr. Ye, I will arrange it before I leave!”

At this time, Ye Chen received a file from He Zhiqiu. The file listed all the ship information and photos of Yisu Shipping. In addition, it also included the new ships that Yisu Shipping had ordered, as well as from other companies. Information on second-hand ships acquired in here.

Ye Chen handed the phone to Wan Pojun, and said: “Look at the specific information of these ships and choose one that is suitable for use as a sea base.”

Wan Pojun took the mobile phone with both hands, and after a closer inspection, he said to Ye Chen: “Mr. Ye, I think this is a 30,000-ton bulk carrier that is very suitable. The deck is flat and the area is large enough. At least It can park six helicopters, and the interior is full of large cargo warehouses. It is relatively convenient to transform. A little modification can at least meet the accommodation problem of hundreds of people. Moreover, with a load of 30,000 tons, it can also carry sufficient fuel supplies and ammunition. , It’s more than enough to deal with those pirates.”

Ye Chen smiled and said: “This is the longest and smallest cargo ship in Yisu Shipping’s hands. It has been eliminated and dismantled after three years of standards. You also chose this one because you want to save me money. ?”

Wan Pojun hurriedly said: “Mr. Ye, saving money is only part of the reason. The most important thing is that we really do not need to occupy a larger and better freighter. In fact, 30,000 tons is a bit of a waste. To deal with pirates, I think the ship is smaller. It doesn’t matter.”

Ye Chen nodded and said seriously: “This ship is not only for you to use as a maritime base. After you start to undertake security work in high-risk areas in the future, you can also use this ship to complete the transportation of personnel and materials. .”

After speaking, Ye Chen reminded: “You must be as prepared as possible. In addition to helicopters, you will be equipped with a few high-performance speedboats. Although the ships used by pirates are not large, they are fast and maneuverable. You have to decide on some effective coping strategies.”

Wan Pojun solemnly said: “Mr. Ye can rest assured that by then we will develop a complete operation model to integrate the armed escorts, maritime bases, coastal bases and rear bases on merchant ships in the best way. The freighter escorted by Wanlong Temple is in any danger!”

Ye Chen smiled and said: “I absolutely believe in the strength of the Wanlong Palace. I am looking forward to seeing you encounter pirates several times and fought a few beautiful naval defense battles. By that time, business will continue. Come here!”

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