The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3561

I gave it to Lu Haotian, who had been ordered by himself and brought more than a hundred coffins into the Ye Family Manor!

What kind of mind does this have? !

In the eyes of the Wan Po Army and other soldiers in the Wanlong Palace, what the ancients said about the sages, I am afraid that is nothing more than that!

Lu Haotian was even more grateful at this time, he kept kowtow and choked in his mouth: “Mr. Xie Ye’s gift… Mr. Ye’s gift…”

For Ye Chen, a little bit of aura is no longer a big deal since he cultivated the pill of cultivation. He only needs to reach out and use a small part of the aura in his body, but he can heal Lu Haotian with a simple effort. .

However, he chose to return to Chundan.

This is because, in the eyes of others, a little effort is always an unquantifiable indicator.

The other party will despise this kindness because it is too easy.

Therefore, since we want to invite people to buy people’s hearts, we must quantify the kindness.

Half a rejuvenating pill is not a fart to myself.

But it won’t take long for a rejuvenating pill to set a record of more than tens of billions of transactions at auction.

Therefore, even if the soldiers of the Wanlong Temple don’t understand the preciousness of it, once the auction is over, they will definitely realize the true value of the Rejuvenation Pill.

Only in this way can they know how heavy their kindness is!

At this moment, Ye Chen looked at the people and said with a serious expression: “As long as you serve me wholeheartedly, I will treat you as friends and brothers. How about billions of elixir? Use it on you, I am willing.”

After that, he paused slightly, and then said: “I know that your Wanlong Palace must have mastered a relatively high-quality martial arts inner martial arts mentality, otherwise your overall strength will not be so high, but from your palace master’s It can be seen from the strength that the inner strength mental method you have cultivated is not the best in the martial arts field, otherwise he will not always be in the bright realm and will not be able to reach a higher level.”

“After waiting for some time to idle, I will choose a better and more complete inner strength mental method to give to your palace master. By then, all of you will have a higher upper limit for the cultivation base, the whole of Wanlong Palace. Strength can also be improved.”

When Wan Pojun heard this, his heart was shocked.

Although he was already an eight-star warrior, he really wanted to look at it on the way of martial arts, but he didn’t even graduate from elementary school.

The next Dark Realm, Transformation Realm, and Grand Master Realm are equivalent to junior high school, high school, and university.

As a primary school student in the martial arts field, his biggest dream aside from avenging his parents is to break through the bright realm and enter the dark realm.

However, this wish is not only not achieved by him, but also by his preaching teacher.

His mentor used to show his heart to Wan Pojun before traveling the world.

For him, being able to enter the dark realm is the highest pursuit of his life.

He didn’t hesitate even if he heard the Tao and died at night.

Everything is just to step into the higher realm that I dream of.

Since then, Wan Pojun has also regarded the dark realm as the ultimate goal of his martial arts journey.

In his opinion, Ye Chen’s strength is probably not only above the bright realm, but even above the dark realm and transformation, and even the grandmaster realm.

Therefore, when Ye Chen said that the inner strength mental method they cultivated was not optimal and that he had not been able to reach a higher level, he immediately felt a sense of embarrassment.

And Ye Chen’s last words made his heart suddenly become extremely enthusiastic.

He didn’t think that Ye Chen was willing to give Wanlong Palace a better inner strength method to help Wanlong Palace improve its strength. Doesn’t it mean that he might even have a chance to enter the dark realm in the future? !

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