The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3570

After Ye Chen and Lai Qinghua said goodbye to each other on the phone, Chen Zekai also drove the car to the door of Tianxiang Mansion.

Together with Hong Wu, Wei Liang, the general manager of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, came out to greet him.

Seeing Ye Chen, Wei Liang hurriedly stepped forward respectfully: “Master Ye!”

Ye Chen thought that Wei Liang had come so quickly, he couldn’t help but smiled: “Why are you here so soon?”

Wei Liang hurriedly said, “Mr. Chen said that you have something to do with me, so I came here quickly.”

Ye Chen nodded and smiled: “I’m going to talk to you about the new medicine, go in and talk.”

Hong Wu said quickly: “Master Ye, the diamond box is ready, please!”

Ye Chen said: “Let’s go together.”

Several people came to the diamond box with Ye Chen. After taking their seats, Ye Chen went straight to the subject and asked Wei Liang, “How is the recent business situation of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical?”

Wei Liang couldn’t hide his excitement and said: “Master Ye, our Jiu Xuan Wei San has very good sales and has successfully entered the markets of some developed countries in Europe and America. The global monthly sales exceed RMB 2 billion and are still rising. It is definitely not a problem for annual sales to exceed 30 billion yuan.”

Ye Chen didn’t feel anything when he heard this data. Instead, Chen Zekai asked in shock: “Just with Jiuxuanwei San, the global sales in one month exceeded 2 billion yuan?”

Wei Liang smiled and said: “Chen, this is only half of the situation in developed countries in Europe and the United States. You must know that Jiu Xuanwei is scattered overseas. No matter which country’s currency, the actual price is roughly equivalent to the US dollar exchange rate. It costs about one hundred dollars, which is equivalent to about 600 yuan. After deducting production costs, tariffs and corporate income tax, and deducting channel expenses, publicity expenses, and logistics expenses, the net profit is about 40 to 50%.”

Chen Zekai couldn’t help but exclaimed: “If all the European and American countries win, wouldn’t it be possible to double it?”

“Yes.” Wei Liang explained: “Many countries in Europe and the United States have stricter approvals for overseas imported drugs. We need to issue relatively complete pharmacological experiments and clinical trial data, and even pharmacokinetics require us to give details. As far as the data is concerned, the most troublesome thing is that they need us to announce the prescription. We are still mediating with the local authorities.”

Ye Chen said indifferently: “The prescription of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical is absolutely impossible to leak out. They don’t even have to think about this.”

Wei Liang said with some embarrassment: “But Master Ye…if the other party insists, if we don’t agree, the other party will not approve the listing of our drugs in their country.”

Ye Chen asked back: “Is there any special exception for this policy?”

“Yes, there are…” Wei Liang explained: “If it is a major disease-related specific drug with a high mortality rate, it can be specially approved in some cases, but it is basically for cancer and heart disease. Cerebrovascular diseases are similar to these severe cases with high mortality, or for chronic diseases such as diabetes that require long-term medication. If there are specific drugs in these areas, they will generally open an opening and let the medicine in first.”

Speaking of this, Wei Liang said embarrassingly: “But our Jiuxuanwei San cannot reach this level of urgency. After all, our stomach medicine is a conditioning type. It is more to solve patients’ long-term or sudden stomach discomfort. These symptoms of indigestion are not serious diseases.”

Ye Chen nodded and asked him, “Which countries are still not entering?”

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