The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3588

The words of the queen not only made the royal family member named Malvern extremely regretful, but even the other people around who were watching the queen were full of disappointment.

There is no doubt that the empress’s eloquent words just now have made these royal families and nobles completely believe in the matter of rejuvenation pills.

After they believed that the rejuvenation pills were true, their biggest idea was to find a way to get one.

After all, this miraculous medicine that can bring the dead back to life is simply the most precious existence for these rich, powerful and powerful people.

However, the empress’s words completely shattered their thoughts.

But when I thought that the rejuvenation pill could influence life and death, someone immediately asked unwillingly: “Your Majesty, how did Princess Helena find this rejuvenation pill? Can you trouble her and tell me this channel and way, I Think of it yourself!”

“Yes!” When other people heard this, they immediately recovered and said: “Your Majesty! I also want to know where Princess Helena bought this medicine. If possible, I will also I want to buy a little bit and keep it as a spare.”

The person speaking is a great aristocrat from Britain. Not only does his family have hereditary titles and fiefdoms, but they have also been very successful in transforming and doing business over the years, with a net worth of at least 10 billion euros.

This person felt that the Nordic royal family had no assets, not to mention a Helena. If Helena can afford this kind of rejuvenation pills, then he will definitely be able to buy more!

When the queen heard these people’s inquiries, she couldn’t help but said with a smile: “Everyone, you think this is too simple. If there is a place to buy this medicine, and it’s clearly marked, then I’m going to lose my fortune and buy some more. .”

Speaking of this, the empress’s expression became serious, and she sighed: “The key is this magic medicine. There is nowhere to buy it. Helena can get it, and it is entirely because of fate, so if you want to find this Medicine can only hope for fate.”

“Fate…” When everyone heard this word, they couldn’t help but stare at each other.

The people who can appear here are all human beings. Although they talk about God every day, they are actually the most steadfast materialists in the world.

You know, the ancestors of this group of people were either holding the Bible in their hands and driving a boat to burn and looting Viking pirates along the coast of Europe; or they carried the Bible in their arms, and then used duck tablets and cannons to open the door of other countries. The invaders; there were even colonists who took the Bible to the African continent and directly captured the living as slaves.

Therefore, these people don’t believe in fate at all.

So someone opened the mouth and said: “Princess Helena will come in right away. Can I ask her about the details of the rejuvenation pill before she is crowned?”

“Yes!” The others were immediately inspired, and they couldn’t wait to wait for Helena to appear.

At this time, Helena finally stepped into the Osu City Cathedral.

According to the coronation process, Helena needs to sit on the stage in front of the church, and then the archbishop will preside over the subsequent coronation ceremony.

So, accompanied by several attendants, she walked through the clean and straight red carpet step by step.

The people who passed by her also stood up one after another, saluting her and even applauding.

However, when Helena walked to the first few rows, the people around him held out their heads and asked:

“Princess Helena, where did the Rejuvenation Pill come from?”

“Yeah, Princess Helena! Can you tell us something?”

Helena was surprised. When she saw the grandma who smiled at her in the crowd, she immediately understood the reason. So she took advantage of the fact that the media was not following the filming at this time, and said: “Everyone, Rejuvenation Pill is from China. I got it, this kind of magic medicine is rarely available, so even in China, few people know its existence. If you want to find it, you can only rely on chance and luck. You can’t buy it with money. At least you still buy it. No, I can only reveal so much.”

After that, he walked past everyone and walked directly to the stage.

All the people below are muttering.

“Hua Xia? With a population of more than one billion in China, how do I know who has Rejuvenation Pill?”

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