The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3592

“Rejuvenation Pill?!”

Hearing these three words, Fei Jianzhong was stunned for a few seconds, and asked tentatively, “What is this? Is it medicine?”

“Yes!” Lai Qinghua said: “Rejuvenation Pill is a kind of medicine, a kind of magical medicine pill that combines great magical powers.”

Fei Jianzhong felt a little absurd, and asked him: “Which company made this drug? What ingredients? What is the principle of the drug? What are the pharmacokinetics and clinical trial reports?”

Lai Qinghua explained: “There is no company, the ingredients are unknown, and the principle of the drug is not something people of my rank can understand. As for pharmacokinetics and clinical trials, there are even more.”

Speaking of this, Lai Qinghua said: “By the way, in terms of pharmacokinetics, I can tell you through my personal feelings that after this magical medicine enters your body, you will feel that time flows back in your body, making you Find the state your body was in ten years ago, or even twenty years ago.”

“As for clinical trials, I am an example of clinical trials.”

When Fei Jianzhong heard this, he felt that the matter was more and more mysterious, and immediately said, “Lai Qinghua, Lai Qinghua, you are not doing anything to make fun of me… I am nine. It’s over ten! You told me to find the elixir? Do you think I’ve seen Journey to the West?”

Lai Qinghua smiled and said, “How do you know that there is no elixir in this world?”

Fei Jianzhong said dissatisfied: “The so-called elixir, isn’t it just some myths and rumors recorded in feudal superstition? You think I am a three-year-old child, reply to these…”

Lai Qinghua’s tone gradually became serious, and he said: “Jianzhong, I am not joking with you. I can only increase my life for ten years. It depends on this amazing rejuvenation pill. When I take it, that kind of reincarnation. Feeling, unforgettable! If you want to find an opportunity to prolong life like me, the only thing that can help you is rejuvenation pills. As for the medical research you invested in, I can tell you clearly that they are very useful to society. , But it has no use for you. I believe you know more about this than I do.”

As soon as Lai Qinghua said this, Fei Jianzhong was at a loss for words on the other side of the phone.

How could Lai Qinghua not know the second half of what he said.

Many wealthy people all over the world are doing research on the human brain, including those young and wealthy in the Internet industry. They also hope to realize the immortality of consciousness through the interconnection of human brains and computers, but this field has no real meaning so far. Breakthrough.

As for organ transplantation, the level of organ transplantation has been greatly improved in the global medical development for so many years, but humans are not like a car or a machine. Every part can be replaced. Therefore, even if organs can be continuously transplanted To maintain youth, but the brain, bones, blood vessels, nerves, etc., all cannot be completely replaced.

Therefore, organ transplantation can save the patient’s life when a certain organ or multiple organs have disease, but it is difficult to prolong the life of the patient.

What about a 100-year-old body, even if it has a 20-year-old heart?

It is possible that the blood vessels of the whole body have already reached the end of life and become extremely fragile.

It is possible that just a slight violent beating of the heart will cause cerebral hemorrhage and rapid death.

Therefore, this road is currently unworkable.

As for freezing technology, it’s even more nonsense.

There is simply no certainty that can make people resurrect after years of freezing.

This plan is tantamount to putting the unknown problem on hold and handing it over to the future to solve.

If there is a way to resurrect him in the future, awaken him from freezing;

If there is no way to resurrect in the future, it may remain frozen until the end of the world.

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