The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3629

Soon, the young Jimmy was pushed to the Nuclear Medicine Center by doctors and nurses.

After the contrast agent was injected, he was sent to the CT room for a full scan.

Half an hour later, the scan results came out, and a large group of doctors gathered around the computer, examining Jimmy’s latest CT images.

The attending doctor also opened the image data from half a month ago, and after the comparison, he exclaimed: “This is incredible! The large number of lesions in Jimmy’s body have actually shrunk!”

Because Jimmy’s cancer has reached the terminal stage, there have been multiple metastases long ago. There are tumors in the lymph, bones, liver, and lungs, and they are not small in size.

The largest of them is even the size of a baby’s fist.

Moreover, due to the exhaustion of treatments, Jimmy’s cancer cells spread faster and faster, and the tumors are also growing.

Normally, according to the trend, after half a month, the tumor must have increased relatively.

Now, instead of increasing, these lesions have become smaller!

Especially the huge tumor in the skull that previously compressed the optic nerve and auditory nerve, and its diameter has shrunk by one millimeter!

Don’t underestimate this millimeter, because it is this millimeter that compresses the nerve.

The doctors are boiling!

The former pharmacy expert Matthew exclaimed: “What the hell do we have to study anti-cancer drugs? This is the best anti-cancer drug in the world!”

The attending doctor on the side could not help but sigh: “Yes! This medicine has such a good therapeutic effect on cancer. If it can really cover the world, we oncology specialists can also be laid off.”

Smith is also completely convinced!

He really couldn’t understand why Chinese traditional medicine has such a powerful effect.

At this time, Jimmy’s mother quickly took out another medicine and said excitedly: “It’s time to take the third one!”

Everyone came back to their senses and urged: “Quick! Look at the third pill, what miracle will happen!”

That night, doctors from the entire Mayo Center spontaneously worked overtime in the hospital overnight.

Even if there is nothing about them at all, they are reluctant to leave.

Because they know that they are witnessing a medical miracle.

Jimmy, who has been studied as an alien by a large group of top doctors, has indeed lived up to expectations.

Every time he takes a Jiuxuan Zaizao Pill, the tumor in his body will shrink substantially. This shrinkage is almost visible to the naked eye on the image data.

Moreover, his physical fitness is indeed improving rapidly.

As stated on the packaging of Jiu Xuan Zai Zao Wan, his vitality was quickly restored.

After taking the seven pills, he was able to sit up by himself and walk down to the ground staggeringly.

Jimmy has had a history of cancer bone metastasis for more than a year, especially the leg bones of his legs, so he has been in bed for a whole year.

It took a year to walk again, even if it was only a difficult walk of more than ten meters, it is already a miracle in the eyes of these professional doctors.

This situation has never happened before in their medical history. It’s as if they have never seen any patient with high paraplegia who can walk down the ground again.

The Smiths stayed up all night with excitement.

In addition to excitement and excitement, his wife, Jenny, was faintly worried.

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