The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3656

Smith said embarrassingly: “I know, it sounds strange, but I really think there is no better way. The White House has given us such a big battle, and we can’t declare it in less than a day. Did it fail? In that case, in the eyes of the White House, what is the difference between everyone and a bunch of trash?”

Rutgers wanted to cry without tears, and blurted out: “Smith…we are all scientists. They are not professional if they let scientists do this kind of metaphysics…”

Smith said: “There is no way, just bite the bullet and do it, otherwise, what should I do?”

At this time, an Asian-faced scientific researcher plucked up the courage to speak: “Mr. Rutgers, I suggest that it is best to go to Jinling for a field trip, and then bring a batch of environmental samples back for research, such as the air there. , Soil, groundwater, surface water, rainfall and rain, etc.”

Seeing that he is an Asian face, Rutgers asked curiously: “Are you from China?”

“No, I am Japanese.”

Rutgers asked again: “Do you think it is so troublesome to go to the local area?”

The man replied with a serious face: “Before I immigrated to the United States, I did microbiological research and development in Japan for many years. At that time, Japan was experiencing economic growth. Optics, steel, medicine, even the wine industry!”

After speaking, the man continued to explain: “At that time, many Japanese distilleries entrusted us to help them reverse the development of Western whiskey and China Moutai, and then imitate them. Western whiskey is very simple, and we will soon have it. It didn’t take long for a breakthrough, and Japanese whiskey was more blue than blue. Both the quality and taste surpassed European products and gained a large market share. However, only China’s Moutai can be copied.”

Rutgers asked him: “Why? Is there anything special about Moutai?”

“It’s really special.” The Japanese scientific researcher explained: “We used the same method to develop Moutai in reverse, and found that the taste is always much worse!”

“Later we learned that many local wineries in China have tried to imitate Moutai, but they all ended in failure. The reason for this is very mysterious. The same craftsmanship, the same materials, and the same formula can only be found in Moutai. Only then can we make Moutai with that taste, leaving that place, even if the imitated resembles it again, it still lacks a bit of soul.”

Rutgers hurriedly asked: “Did you finally find out where the problem was?”

“I found it.” The other party explained: “We later carefully studied the microbial flora in the wine brewing process and found that it was because of the wine koji we used, and the microbes were always different from the local wine koji in Moutai. Even if we quietly get Maotai’s koji and bring it back to Japan for cultivation, it still won’t work.”

After a pause, the other party said: “Our final conclusion is that pure Moutai can only be brewed in Moutai, in their very unique environment, where the climate, altitude, humidity, and local water Resources are playing an extremely subtle but extremely important role.”

“I understand…” Rutgers gritted his teeth and said: “It seems that this is really mysterious…”

After all, Rutgers asked him with admiration: “What’s your name? Which company do you work for?”

The other party hurriedly bowed and said, “My name is Shunpei Nakamura. Before immigrating to the United States, I worked at the National Research Institute, and later moved to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical as a microbial agent research and development team. I am now working at Johnson & Johnson! It is a great honor to be able to participate this time. The research and development of this magic drug! I will definitely go all out and do my best!”

“Kobayashi Pharmaceutical…” Rutgers asked in surprise, “Is that the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical that was acquired by Jiugen Pharmaceutical?”

“Yes!” Shunpei Nakamura nodded immediately: “Later, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical gave up microbial medicine and fully transformed into Kampo medicine, so I left.”

“Okay!” Rogers nodded and said: “In this case, you will form a team and set off to China for investigation and research! Take a look at the location of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, what is special about it! By the way, I will also trial-produce Jiu Xuan Zai Zao Wan locally to see if it will work!”

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