The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3671

Soon, with the fire of video, Wanlongdian became a enthusiastic target of global netizens.

Many people who had no feelings about the mercenary organization before, and even a little disgusted, were also ignited by the behavior of the Wanlongdian at this time, and praised the Wanlongdian.

This allowed Wanlongdian to instantly gain a large number of passersby fans, and also allowed their reputation to increase rapidly.

On the Internet, there have even been collective joint names of many netizens.

They asked Wanlong Temple to completely wipe out these overbearing pirates, so that the pirates, a group that should have long since disappeared in civilized society, completely withdrew from the stage of history.

In the past few decades, pirates in the Gulf of Aden have been repeatedly banned, and the Gulf of Aden, as the throat of sea transportation, has no other alternatives. Therefore, the whole world has no way to deal with these pirates.

However, the performance of Wanlongdian today has given many people hope.

Ye Chen originally thought that it would take at least one or two years for the Wanlong Temple to gradually become white.

However, the high praise of Wanlong Temple on the Internet today made him realize that it is actually very simple to wash the Wanlong Temple. He only needs to find a heinous villain as a stepping stone to step on his body.

Now, there is a good opportunity ahead.

As long as the first battle between the Wanlong Palace and the pirates is beautiful, it will be enough to make the reputation of the Wanlong Palace soar.

At this time, Badr, who was in the base camp, didn’t know that he had become the first stepping stone in the Wanlong Palace.

When he saw the video released by Wanlong Temple, he was instantly angry.

I can’t wait to send all the speedboats to seek revenge on this freighter.

However, for pirates like them, it is almost impossible to find a specific ship in the vast ocean.

Angry, he immediately asked his men to announce that from now on, he would be incompatible with the Wanlong Palace. At the same time, he also transferred his anger to the owner of the Xinglong.

He immediately issued a public statement, demanding that the owner of the Xinglong ship, namely Yisu Shipping of China, compensate him with US$50 million in cash.

At the same time, he also released a ruthless remark that Yisu Shipping must permanently abandon the armed escort service of the Wanlong Temple.

Otherwise, all Ys Shipping’s ships will be ambushed in the Gulf of Aden, causing Ys Shipping to pay a heavy price!

He even let out the words that in the future, any shipowner or shipping company who dares to cooperate with Wanlongdian will suffer endless retaliation from him.

Once this statement was issued, public opinion was suddenly uproar.

No one thought that a pirate leader could be so arrogant, not only would he be an enemy of Wanlong Temple, he would even have to retaliate against a shipping company for this.

But to everyone’s surprise, Ys Shipping didn’t take Badr at all.

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