The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3681

At first sight, the leader of the Pontland Guard said respectfully, “Hello, sir. My name is Sheikh. I am the head of the Pontland Guard…”

The five-star general of Wanlong Hall said blankly, “I don’t care who you are. I just want to know that as a pirate, you dare to take the initiative to meet us. What is the ulterior purpose?”

Sheikh hurriedly said, “The Wanlong Hall is prestigious. I and the leaders of other organisations have always respected the Wanlong Hall very much, and we also welcome the Wanlong Hall to the Gulf of Aden very much. The reason why we want to meet you is that we want to negotiate friendly with the Wanlong Hall to see how our two sides will coexist peacefully in the Gulf of Aden in the future. …”

The Five Star Wars will say coldly, “Our Wanlong Hall will not cooperate in any form with pirate organisations like you!” You don’t deserve it yet!”

As soon as Sheikh heard this, his heart suddenly cooled down.

If Wanlong Hall has this attitude, it really wants to push them to the desperate road.

At this time, the five-star general said again, “But what I can tell you is that our Wanlong Hall has a lot of business, the number of ships coming and going in the Gulf of Aden is huge, and the demand for escort is also very large, so we can also carry fifty to sixty percent of them at the highest level. As long as you people start from now on, not with our Wanlong Hall. As the enemy, we can let you go!”

Hearing this, Sheikh’s heart boiled again in an instant!

He looked at the five-star general and asked excitedly, “Is what you said true?! As long as we don’t be enemies of Wanlong Hall, can your Excellency and Wanlong Hall really let us go?!”

The Five Star Wars will ask him, “Do you think it’s necessary for me to joke with you?”

Sheikh quickly smiled and said, “That’s not what I mean… I believe that both Your Excellency and Wanlong Hall are talking with faith and saying the same!”

With that, he remembered a very critical question and hurriedly said, “I don’t know if you can inform us of the ship information escorted by Wanlong Hall in time in the future, so that we can make a distinction to avoid accidental injury…”

The Five Star Wars general said with a disgusted face, “Do you think our Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons will maintain some kind of communication and contact with you pirates?”

“YES, YES…” Sheikh quickly said, “Wanlong Hall is a top mercenary organisation. Of course, he disdains to be with us pirates…”

After saying that, he said awkwardly, “But… But if we can’t tell which ship is escorted by Wanlong Hall, it will be difficult to avoid concessions in time in the future…”

Five Star Wars will be cold: “We will soon launch a website, put all our armed escort business on the website, and at the same time, we will disclose the ship information we escort to the whole society on the website.”

Hearing this, Sheikh said excitedly, “That’s great! Great! We will definitely pay attention to this website then! Strictly distinguish! Never interfere with any ship escorted by Wanlong Hall! Our two sides do not violate each other!”

Five Star Wars will immediately scoldly, “What doesn’t invade each other? Do you think I’m here today to negotiate terms and cooperation with you?”

“No, no…” Sheikh explained in a hurry, “I didn’t mean that. Don’t be angry… How can Wanlong Hall cooperate with influent pirates like us… I mean, in order to show respect for Wanlong Hall, we will definitely stay away from the ships escorted by Wanlong Hall in the future!”

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