The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3699

Said, Song Wanting said again: “Furthermore, he made a lot of big moves some time ago. He has acquired a number of French and Italian luxury brands in a row with great fanfare. Among them is the famous Emma. He is almost monopolized in the field, and his worth has reached a staggering 170 billion US dollars. If converted into renminbi, it has broken one trillion.”

Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “So that’s it…it seems that this old man can be called a friend of women in the world!”

With that said, Ye Chen took a closer look at this Bernard Ernault’s information and found that he was over 70 years old now, and he was starting to worry about life extension when he wanted to come.

In fact, since ancient times, the world’s top dignitaries have been like this.

People from their teens to their twenties and thirties are a stage of ignorance when they are young and frivolous and do not know the preciousness of time.

People of this age only care about the present, not the future.

That’s why some people are willing to sell one of their kidneys for tens of thousands of dollars, even a mobile phone, or sacrifice their health or even take risks for a little profit.

From the age of 20 or 30, to the age of 50 or 60, for most people, it is the stage that truly lays the foundation for a lifetime.

Especially for the top wealthy people, these precious twenty or thirty years are the most flourishing time in their lives.

Almost all the rich have achieved an exponential increase in assets at this age.

And as career development becomes more and more successful, personal wealth continues to increase, and age continues to increase, these rich people will naturally enter a state of “life-saving” after success and old age, hoping that they can live longer, Have more time to enjoy these remarkable achievements that I have created.

The more successful the person, the more so.

In ancient times, every emperor of China had a longing for longevity.

In modern times, almost every billionaire is repeating the mistakes of ancient emperors, secretly investing a huge price to find a way to live forever.

David Rockefeller, the third-generation heir of the American Rockefeller family, spent hundreds of millions of dollars to do six heart transplants and lived to be 101 years old.

In addition, many wealthy people spend more than 100 million U.S. dollars each year to inject cell needles just to delay aging.

There are many rich people like Fei Jianzhong who have invested tens of billions of dollars in various scientific research projects.

Therefore, the Rejuvenation Pill is particularly attractive to the wealthy over the age of 70.

As long as you spend money to buy a rejuvenating pill, you can completely omit those investments that have been uncertain in the past and the long wait.

But it is precisely because of the different stages and different mentalities that the first Amazon founder Bezos and the second Tesla founder Musk on the world’s rich list have not signed up for this auction.

Ye Chen wasn’t surprised either, because the two of them weren’t too old.

Bezos is a bit older, but he is still sixty years old, and Musk is just over fifty.

Both of these people are in their prime of life in the entrepreneurial field.

People of this age are all thinking about making money and doing big things, and there is no particularly urgent need for longevity.

Moreover, these two people are both Internet-born bigwigs, avant-garde and radical. They must be skeptical or even negative about things like Rejuvenation, so it is impossible to sign up for the auction.

But Ye Chen felt that if they waited more than ten or twenty years, the two of them would definitely be eager for Rejuvenation Pill.

Because in his opinion, no one can escape this rule!

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