The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3708

Hong Wu’s recent days have been very leisurely. After going out and patrolling every day, he returned to the top floor of Tianxiang Mansion to drink tea and listen to music. He was chic and comfortable.

However, in the evening, Chen Zekai suddenly called him, and as soon as he came up, he said in a serious tone: “Hong Wu, your kennel must be prepared quickly. New products will be picked up tonight.”

Hong Wu was lying crookedly on the recliner, drinking tea with a purple clay pot with a handle. Upon hearing this, he hurriedly sat up straight and asked, “Mr. Chen, how many goods are there tonight?”

Chen Zekai smiled and said: “If there is no accident, then seven or eight, if there is another delivery, it is estimated that the double number will be broken!”

“I rub…” Hong Wu exclaimed: “Why so many…”

Chen Zekai said helplessly: “Hey, don’t mention it. In the past few days, the agents sent by the West to investigate Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical have been one after another. These seven or eight were all caught in Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical. The ten people who wander around Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical all day long are still not ready to start.”

After speaking, Chen Zekai said again: “You must be careful with this batch of goods given to you. These people are all secret agents and are well-trained. Don’t let them run away!”

“Run?” Hong Wu smiled and said immediately: “Mr. Chen, don’t worry, there are no people who can run out of my Hong Wu kennel!”

As he said, he hurriedly said again: “When someone arrives, I will first let my subordinates break their legs, and then each person will give a 30-jin heavy pure iron dog chain, and then put on three one-jin. The heavy lock makes it impossible for them to run!”

“Don’t tell me.” Chen Zekai hurriedly said: “Master said, these people are sensitive, it is certainly not suitable to stay with you for a long time, and it is not insurance. So I plan to wait for the right time and send them to Syria by boat. , These people have other uses in Syria.”

“Huh?” Hong Wu asked in surprise: “Send to Syria? This group of people have special identities, how can they be sent?”

Chen Zekai laughed and said: “It just happened that the young master was going to send a ship to Syria to deliver food. By the way, all the people were packed and sent. Hamid over there is now listening to the young master’s suggestion and embarking on a project to dig a cave. The team, the young master meant to send this group of people to Hamid as diggers, which is considered to be the best use. If you break their legs, then they can do nothing except eat and drink Lazard. NS.”

When Hong Wu heard this, he said quickly: “Mr. Chen, you can’t break your leg, then my security pressure is really a bit heavy! This is not one or two agents, but seven, eight, or even dozens of agents. The people just can’t prevent them…”

As he said, Hong Wu said again: “Those agents in the movie, James Bond and Tom Cruise, are all very capable, nothing can prevent them…”

Chen Zekai smiled and said, “You watched too many movies, and the agents in reality are also human. Do you really think they are omnipotent in the sky?”

After that, Chen Zekai again said: “Master has already said, let you vacate the strongest big cage, and then strip these guys out. Make sure that they don’t have any tools in their possession, so they’ll be locked in and locked in. After that, you will have people weld the door directly from the outside, and let them eat and drink Lazard inside. No matter how strong they are to measure their escape, they will not be able to escape. I don’t believe they can still bite your welded cage. Can’t it be opened?”

Immediately, Chen Zekai said with relief: “Don’t be so psychologically pressured. The villains in the movie are all mentally retarded, so how can the decent characters escape? You must really strip them out and weld them to death in a big iron cage. Here, even if a hundred thousand 007 get together, it is impossible to escape!”

Hearing this, Hong Wu heaved a sigh of relief, and said with a smile: “This is a good idea! I can do it this way! Master Ye asked me to upgrade the kennel last time. They are all 30mm thick rebar, and they have two layers inside and outside, stacked in a tic-tac-toe shape. If this cage is really welded to death, even an elephant can’t get out!”

“That’s good.” Chen Zekai asked him hurriedly: “Where are you?”

Hong Wu said: “I’m in Tianxiang Mansion, I’m going to the kennel now!”

“Okay!” Chen Zekai said hurriedly: “Then I will go there too, see you at the kennel.”


Hong Wu hung up Chen Zekai’s phone and immediately stood up, took the car key and prepared to go to the kennel.

At this time, the manager of Tianxiang Mansion ran up quickly and said breathlessly: “Five…Fifth Lord, downstairs…A big customer came downstairs!”

Hong Wu frowned and asked, “Which patron?”

The manager hurriedly said: “Someone wants to pack our diamond box for a month!”

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