The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3729

Because she couldn’t figure it out, Fei Kexin furrowed her brows and remained silent for a long time, still thinking about the possibilities.

Chen Yingshan saw that her expression was serious and a little sleepy, so she couldn’t help asking: “Miss, what do you think of this matter now?”

Fei Kexin sighed, staring at the pile of materials in front of him, rubbing his temples with his slender and tender white jade hands, and said in a melancholy: “From these materials, the entire Xiao family starts to count from Mrs. Xiao. If one counts one, and all their assets add up, it will be no more than 100 million yuan.”

“However, if this Ye Chen is really the client of the Rejuvenation Pill I was looking for, then he is just a pill, probably worth tens of billions of dollars!”

“In that case, Ye Chen’s strength is hundreds to thousands of times stronger than that of the Xiao family, so how can he be the son-in-law of the Xiao family?”

Speaking of this, Fei Kexin said again: “According to a proportional calculation, it’s like a rich man worth nearly ten million, entering a poor family whose assets add up to 10,000 yuan, then I think I know, did he go to join the family, or to help the poor?”

“Yes…” Chen Yingshan also nodded in agreement: “If according to this value gap, the whole family of the Xiao family would have to treat Ye Chen as an ancestor, how could it be said that Ye Chen was the son-in-law? ?”

After speaking, she asked again: “Miss, could it be that we made a wrong judgment at the beginning?”

Fei Kexin pursed her lips, a firm look suddenly burst into his eyes, and said in a deep voice, “We have focused on here from the clues and clues all the way, everything is right, there should be no mistake!”

“Furthermore, the case of Xiao Changkun is also here. He did have a hemiplegia due to complete spinal cord injury, but he was completely healed in less than a day. This unprecedented medical miracle has really happened!”

“Regardless of whether this Ye Chen is the person we are looking for, I can be sure that Xiao Changkun must be cured by the person we are looking for!”

Speaking of this, Fei Kexin stood up, her expression and eyes were more determined and said: “This Xiao Changkun has a very mediocre personal resume. Basically, there is nothing that can be easily obtained. If it weren’t for someone like him to help him, once he was in a high position. Paraplegia, the second half of my life can only be paralyzed in bed, there is no possibility of recovery, and I have seen Xiao Changkun’s family and connections, except for the mysterious background of Ye Chen, everyone else is as mediocre as Xiao Changkun, and it is impossible to help. I have Xiao Changkun!”

Chen Yingshan hurriedly said: “Miss, Ye Chen’s background is not mysterious at all. All his backgrounds are clear at a glance. Compared with the Xiao family, he is not even mediocre…”

“No.” Fei Kexin said earnestly: “Ye Chen’s life history before the age of eighteen is almost completely blank. This shows that he has neither attended a formal elementary school, nor a formal junior high school, or nine years of compulsory education. Accepted in the orphanage, this kind of resume is almost equal to blank, the more it is, the more unfathomable I feel.”

Speaking of this, Fei Kexin said again: “As for why Ye Chen wanted to enter Zuixiao’s house, to be honest, I don’t want to understand, but I think he must have his reasons and reasons!”

Chen Yingshan asked: “Miss, can you be sure now, is this Ye Chen the person you are looking for?”

“I can be sure!” Fei Kexin said firmly: “If it weren’t for him, it would prove that I was wrong from beginning to end in this matter, but if I have one place right from beginning to end, then It must be him!”

Speaking of this, Fei Kexin quickly picked up Xiao Changkun’s information and said, “This Xiao Changkun is now the executive vice president of Jinling Painting and Calligraphy Association. Please check the specific situation of Jinling Painting and Calligraphy Association. What breakthrough has been found in Xiao Changkun’s body!”


Xiao Changkun often leaves early and returns late in recent days.

Although the Jinling Calligraphy and Painting Association is a professional non-governmental organization in name, it is actually half of the official nature.

Generally speaking, it is a semi-official and semi-civilian people’s organization.

If there are no official needs, it is a small group of hobbyists.

But if there is an official event, it will represent the official attendance.

In this cultural exchange between Jinling and South Korea’s sister cities, the Calligraphy and Painting Association has naturally become the official friendship representative and exchange messenger.

Therefore, in order to ensure the success of the exchange activities, Xiao Changkun has been attending various symposiums in the city with President Pei of the Calligraphy and Painting Association these days.

Although very busy, Xiao Changkun has been very energetic recently.

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