The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3734

Xiao Changkun’s words made Fei Kexin firmly believe that this old man is a big parallel importer.

However, she still very earnestly said: “Vice President Xiao is wrong. This is indeed everyone’s work. Although it is not comparable to the top calligraphy masters of Wang Xizhi, it is definitely one of the best in the land and water of Jinling. .”

Xiao Changkun approached Chairman Pei at this time, pretending to ask her casually: “Chairman, how much are these eight characters worth?”

President Pei said seriously: “Compared with many top-notch people, Zheng Yan’s words are not expensive, but in recent years, the auction price of excellent works has also exceeded one million, and you know in the collection industry that the more complete the things are. , The more expensive, and the more a single set, the more expensive! So if these eight characters are really put up for auction, tens of millions are still needed!”

Xiao Changkun was secretly speechless, and couldn’t help taking a look at Fei Kexin, thinking: “This girl must be very rich in her family, otherwise, why would she donate tens of millions of things?”

President Pei had already opened the eight characters one by one at this time, and the more he looked at them, the more he became more delighted. He couldn’t help asking Fei Kexin: “Ms. Zhan, these eight characters are really going to be donated to the Jinling Painting and Calligraphy Association. ?”

Fei Kexin said without hesitation: “Of course! If President Pei has no opinion, I can sign the donation letter and confirm the donation in writing at any time!”

President Pei was extremely excited, and said in a trembled voice: “Oh! Thank you very much, Miss Zhan! Jinling Batan returned to Jinling. It must be an extremely sensational event for the entire Jinling painting and calligraphy circle! I represent the Jinling Painting and Calligraphy Association and Jinling. All calligraphers, painters and calligraphy lovers, thank you for your generous donation!”

Fei Kexin smiled and said: “Chairman Pei is serious, these eight characters are the heart of the elderly in the family, I just donated them on behalf of them.”

President Pei gratefully asked: “Miss Zhan, I don’t know what the old people in your family call? I will go back to promote the Jinling calligraphy and painting circle, so that everyone can remember his contribution to the cultural cause of Jinling!”

Fei Kexin said earnestly: “Chairman Pei, my grandfather acts in a low-key manner. I don’t want to reveal too much about his identity. However, the elderly in the family have always been concerned about the promotion and development of Jinling’s history and culture, so this time he also instructed me to do it in Jinling. For a local art exhibition in Jinling, we have to ask the two presidents to help Zhang Luo. As for the event funds, all sponsored by our family. When the exhibition starts, he will definitely come to Jinling to participate. There will also be a chance to have a second time with you. Talk face to face.”

President Pei nodded and said seriously: “Then wait for the exhibition to start, and see the old gentleman again!”

After speaking, he asked tentatively: “Miss Zhan, what is your family’s budget for the art exhibition?”

Fei Kexin said casually: “We will initially set 50 million yuan, if it is not enough, we can add more!”

President Pei felt dizzy when he heard the number of fifty million.

Most of the funding of the Calligraphy and Painting Association depends on financial allocations from higher authorities, but the funding for a year is only tens of millions. When the funds are insufficient each year, President Pei will lead everyone to generate income to ensure the smooth operation of the Calligraphy and Painting Association.

Therefore, I got used to the tight schedule. At first I heard that an art exhibition had a budget of 50 million yuan, and I couldn’t adapt to it all at once.

Xiao Changkun was very excited and couldn’t help but said to Chairman Pei: “Chairman, with these 50 million, we can make a big vote! Then the show will be more grandiose, and it will also allow other art associations in Jinling, including the elderly. Take a good look at the college guys!”

Seeing that the time was right, Fei Kexin hurriedly said, “Two presidents, should I invite two of you to have a potluck tonight, let’s talk about the art exhibition?”

Chairman Pei was naturally very excited to agree. Xiao Changkun saw He Yuanjiang’s show off at the exchange meeting today, and his heart was a little suffocated. When he heard that he had the opportunity to do something big, he was naturally very excited, so he didn’t want to. He hesitated to agree to Fei Kexin’s invitation.

It’s just that these two old men, who are already over a hundred years old together, can’t tell that the little girl in her early twenties in front of me is simply a drunkard who doesn’t want to drink!

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