The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3759

Ye Chen has been able to confirm that Zhan Feier’s motive for approaching him is definitely for rejuvenation.

Therefore, under this premise, no matter how much Zhan Feier sent favors, there would be no waves in his heart.

Because, in the face of the value of a rejuvenating pill, her kind of favor is not even a dime.

But Xiao Churan felt a little frightened, and said: “Or I still won’t answer…”

Seeing that Xiao Churan seemed to be faintly disappointed, Ye Chen asked, “My wife, do you want to take this project in your heart?”

Xiao Churan hesitated again and again, but nodded slightly and said, “Yes…”

After finishing speaking, she hurriedly explained to Ye Chen: “In fact, I am not mainly for making money, but her villa does have a very good framework foundation. It is a combination of two villas. This type of apartment is after Jinling. Never again, and her decoration budget is very high. As far as design is concerned, the higher the budget, the greater the space to play. In this way, there will be a chance to create a set of high-level interior decoration works. …..”

Speaking of this, Xiao Churan looked at Ye Chen cowardly, and said in a low voice: “Husband…As an interior designer, the most important thing is to come up with very representative works. If you can rely on masterpieces Winning awards for interior decoration is of great help to the individual designer and the designer’s studio. However, I have never done a large independent design project so far. What works can be used to participate in the competition…”

Ye Chen nodded in understanding, and asked her: “By the way, my wife, did you do the interior design of the six-star hotel in the Emgrand Group?”

“No…” Xiao Churan explained: “The overall design of the Dorsett Group’s six-star hotel is done by a very well-known overseas design studio. Such a large project must be matched with a well-known designer to be the most reasonable. At the beginning, the Xiao family took part of the interior decoration project. Later, I set up a studio, and I was also responsible for some outsourced projects. We also constructed according to the design done by others.”

Ye Chen smiled slightly: “I understand my wife, you also want to have a masterpiece that is completely designed by you and can be handed out.”

“Yes…” Xiao Churan nodded slightly, and then said: “Husband, I have seen the drawings of that villa. It is really suitable for designers to show their fists. If you are afraid of owing it to you Because of other people’s favors, I don’t have to charge them for design fees, and I don’t even directly handle the specific construction later. I am completely obligated to take on this project. In this case, I will do this project with my heart, and I can use this next year. The project has signed up for the National Interior Design Grand Prix…”

Having said this, she raised her head to look at Ye Chen, and asked eagerly: “Husband, do you think this is okay?”

When Ye Chen heard this, he already understood Xiao Churan’s true pursuit.

Xiao Churan is like a new director in the film and television industry, but she has never really led a big production that can be achieved.

Therefore, she can only play in the big productions of other directors, such as being an executive director or a persuasive director.

Most of the projects she led are like Du Haiqing’s renovation of the small courtyard where her parents lived. The overall project size is relatively small, like a micro film. Although it is also a work, it is definitely not possible to participate in various movies. Festival and the selection of film and television awards.

Now, Zhan Feier uses a budget of 50 million to match Qin Gang’s previous villa, which is equivalent to giving Xiao Churan a sufficient budget and even a very good cast of actors. As long as Xiao Churan agrees, he can use it. Make his first masterpiece.

Therefore, this attraction to Xiao Churan is naturally very high.

Thinking of this, he immediately looked at Xiao Churan, and smiled softly: “My wife, as I said just now, you don’t need to have any psychological burden. Since you think this project is particularly suitable for you to show off, then you can rest assured and bold. Next!”

Xiao Churan heard this and asked excitedly: “Is it really okay, husband?”

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