The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3763

At this time, Xiao Changkun in the car also saw Qian Hongyan who was walking along with Xiao Weiwei.

After seeing the incoming person, his chin almost fell to the ground, and he blurted out: “My day…Ma Lan…Did your broken mouth be opened in Qixia Temple? Why? As soon as you called Qian Hongyan, Qian Hongyan suddenly appeared?!”

Ma Lan was also dumbfounded, and murmured: “No…I have not been to Qixia Temple in two or three years…”

Xiao Changkun said embarrassingly, “You are too evil…I thought it was a hell of a ghost.”

Ma Lan settled down and said, “Don’t you see that Qian Hongyan is walking with Xiao Weiwei? Maybe Xiao Weiwei called her back.”

Xiao Changkun nodded lightly, and muttered: “That’s right, after all, they are mothers and daughters…”

At this time, Xiao Chang’s roar from the terrace made the old lady Xiao couldn’t help but look in the direction of his fingers.

From this look, she saw Qian Hongyan cowering and hiding behind Xiao Weiwei at this time, her face full of tension and fear.

To say that she hates Qian Hongyan, Mrs. Xiao is no worse than Xiao Chang.

In addition to cuckolding her son, breaking the wild breeds of outsiders, and even infecting her son with a disease, the reason Mrs. Xiao actually hates Qian Hongyan the most is because she stole herself and worked so hard to earn money from the supermarket. The one hundred yuan of hard money that came back, and the one hundred yuan that he wanted to pay after he was slapped in the entrance hall of Tomson Yipin.

Although two hundred yuan is not a lot, in the eyes of the old lady, Qian Hongyan’s crime is enough to be executed eight times!

In her opinion, Qian Hongyan can be forgiven for stealing a man, but not stealing money!

Moreover, no one can steal money from her old lady Xiao’s hard-earned money!

So, the old lady Xiao suddenly became angry, pointed at Qian Hongyan downstairs, and shouted angrily: “The surname is Qian, you stole my old lady’s money, and you have a damn face to come back! You hurry up and get me away. , Never come into my house!”

Qian Hongyan was crying and not knowing how to intercede, or Xiao Weiwei said, “Grandma, I let my mother come back! It is true that my mother should not steal your money, but she also has difficulties. I hope you can see that she belongs to my mother. For the sake of face, forgive her this time.”

“Don’t think about it!” The old lady Xiao blurted out almost without hesitation: “As long as my old lady is still alive, Qian Hongyan will never want to enter the door of my house!”

After that, she immediately said to Xiao Changqian: “Chang Gan! Call the police now, and say that the thief who stole my 200 yuan hard-earned money is back! Ask the police officer to come over and take her away!! Sent her! Ten years and eight years!”

Xiao Weiwei hurriedly said: “Grandma! There are both faults and faults in this matter. It is by no means my mother’s fault alone! If you hadn’t been bullying her and didn’t even let her eat her full mouth, how could she do it? Come to that kind of thing!”

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