The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3776

If you can’t get it at the auction, you can at least try to mediate with Ye Chen through personal contacts.

Moreover, she is not worried that her true identity will be exposed at the auction, because her identity of Jan Fei Er is real, and the family of Jan Fei in France is considered to be a distant relative of Fei’s family, and she is a distant relative. The younger generation, accompanied the head of the Fei family to the auction, which makes sense.

Thinking of this, she felt even more relaxed.

Even deep in her heart, she has begun to have uncontrollable fantasies.

At the fantasy auction, Grandpa missed the Rejuvenation Pill, and when he was heartbroken and deeply unwilling, he bought a Rejuvenation Pill directly from Ye Chen through his personal relationship with Ye Chen.

At that time, he was the savior in Grandpa’s eyes.

Although Fei Kexin felt a little humiliated and ashamed for this idea of ​​herself, when she thought of her family, only by this opportunity could she have a beautiful turnaround in Fei’s house, so the shame in her heart suddenly disappeared. .

She knew very well in her heart that fighting for power in the Fei family was like fighting for the royal family to fight for the land. In order to achieve the goal, it was not surprising that any method was used.

five minutes later.

There was a knock on the door, and Luo Jiacheng’s voice came from outside the door: “Miss, the car is ready.”

“Okay, I am here.”

Fei Kexin picked up a limited-edition Hermès Himalayan platinum bag. The black and white gradient color complemented this long dress on her.

Standing in front of the vanity mirror at the door, Fei Kexin looked at herself in the mirror and shook her head helplessly. I feel like a clown…”

With a light sigh, Fei Kexin opened the door.

Six-star warrior Luo Jiacheng was already waiting outside the door.

Seeing her coming out, he immediately said respectfully: “Miss, you can go now.”

“Good.” Fei Kexin nodded, and went to the hotel lobby with Luo Jiacheng.

Her Cadillac bulletproof car of the same model as the President of the United States had been parked at the entrance of the lobby. One of her men handed the car keys to Luo Jiacheng, and then opened the rear door for Fei Kexin.

After Fei Kexin sat in, Luo Jiacheng came to the cab and opened the vehicle’s central control lock while asking: “Miss, where are we going?”

Fei Kexin said: “You can search for Liujiacun on the navigation, it seems to be on the edge of 104 National Highway.”

Luo Jiacheng frowned and said, “Liujiacun? It sounds like a suburban area. Why are you going to such a place, Miss?”

Fei Kexin said: “Ye Chen said he wanted to invite me to dinner, and the place was chosen there.”

Luo Jiacheng entered Liujiacun on the navigation and found the location. After finding the location, he was surprised and said: “This place is nearly 30 kilometers away from the city. It’s too remote. Why would Ye Chen choose the place here? Isn’t it a bit tricky? ”

Fei Kexin was silent for a moment, and said in a low voice: “It shouldn’t be, I have met Ye Chen once. Does Mr. Luo think I have exposed any clues?”

Luo Jiacheng thought for a while, and said: “I didn’t follow you in yesterday, so I can’t say specifically that you have any clues, or there is no reason to say anything.”

Fei Kexin thought about it for a moment, then said: “It seems that there is nothing to say about it. I have always been very cautious.”

Luo Jiacheng suddenly thought of something and seriously said: “Miss, I am actually a clue.”

Fei Kexin asked curiously: “What does Mr. Luo mean by this?”

Luo Jiacheng said sternly: “If Ye Chen’s strength is above me, he should be able to see that I am a six-star warrior. In that case, he will definitely doubt your identity, Miss, because with your Zhan Feier’s identity background, no There may be six-star warriors personally protected.”

Fei Kexin asked nervously, “Mr. Luo, do you think Ye Chen’s strength will be higher than you?”

Luo Jiacheng said very solemnly: “I haven’t heard of a six-star warrior in my twenties, but I haven’t heard of it, so that doesn’t mean there is no one!”

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