The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3798

Chen Yingshan said respectfully: “Good lady, I will be ready to give you as soon as possible, do you have any other orders?”

Fei Kexin waved his hand and said, “There is nothing else, go ahead and do it!”


Although Fei Kexin is not a central figure in the Fei family, she has no small authority in the Fei family because of the protection of her father.

She has the right to deploy Fei’s various information channels. If she wants any information, Fei’s information channels will definitely serve her first.

Therefore, Chen Yingshan quickly sent Fei Kexin a list of the top 20 interior designers recognized in the world, as well as details of each person.

Fei Kexin watched the tablet word for several hours. It was not until 4:30 in the morning that she finally finished the watch, set an eight o’clock alarm clock, and fell asleep peacefully.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, after Fei Kexin got up, he immediately confirmed with Chen Yingshan.

Xiao Churan’s company works at 8 o’clock in the morning, so Chen Yingshan is ready to go out.

Fei Kexin also simply ate the breakfast that was delivered to the room, and then began to wash and make-up, put on delicate makeup, and changed into a lady-like beige three-quarter sleeve shirt with the same color. Mid-length bag hip skirt.

This outfit is not exaggerated, but because Fei Kexin’s figure and temperament are excellent, it gives a noble and capable visual effect.

At this moment, Xiao Churan had just arrived at his company and sat in his office.

As soon as she went to the office, she immediately turned on the computer and continued with the work she didn’t finish last night.

What she has to do now is to draw Fei Kexin’s house structure and specific parameters in the drawing software. At the same time, she must confirm where in the architectural design are the parts that can be demolished and where they cannot be moved.

After doing this, she can start to make the first version of the design sketch.

Of course, before making the sketch, she still has one very important thing, and that is to meet the design requirements with Party A.

In Xiao Churan’s view, the greatest professional quality of a designer is not to design a magnificent or whimsical space, but to respect the needs of Party A.

It’s like something that exploded on the Internet some time ago. An uncle living in a rural area used a million dollars to ask a designer to design and build a two-story small western-style building. As a result, the designer had to put the old man in The houses in the countryside have been built into a more pure rural style.

Even if the designer wants to use a project to highlight his own strength, he must be based on absolute respect for the needs of Party A, otherwise, it will be the use of other people’s houses and other people’s money to complete their own preferences and Ambition is bound to be despised in this industry.

Therefore, Xiao Churan felt that before he made a design draft, he had to meet with that Miss Zhan to understand her design needs.

At this moment, a young female designer from her company knocked on the door of her office and said, “Sister Chu Ran, Miss Chen from the first party of the Shuiyun Villa project is here, saying that she has something to do with you.”

Xiao Churan hurriedly said, “Hurry up and invite her in!”

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