The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3801

Fei Kexin suddenly took the initiative to say hello, which immediately made Xiao Churan a little flattered.

She hurriedly said humbly: “Miss Zhan, you are so polite. I’m just an ordinary person. How famous is it…”

Fei Kexin smiled and said: “I always listen to Shanshan talking about you, she thinks highly of you.”

With that, she quickly greeted Xiao Churan to the reception area, and said with a smile: “Ms. Xiao, let’s sit down and talk.”

“Okay.” Xiao Churan nodded, and followed Fei Kexin to the reception area to sit down.

As soon as she was seated, Fei Kexin casually told Chen Yingshan: “Shanshan, go get two cups of coffee.”

After that, she asked Xiao Churan, “Ms. Xiao, what kind of coffee would you like to drink? I only have a capsule coffee machine here. I’m a little negligent. Please don’t be offended.”

Xiao Churan quickly waved his hand and said, “Miss Zhan, you don’t have to be so troublesome, I don’t drink anything…”

Fei Kexin nodded slightly, and then smiled and said to Chen Yingshan: “Shanshan, let’s prepare two cups of latte, and pour another cup of warm water for Ms. Xiao by the way.”

Xiao Churan still wanted to politely decline, but Fei Kexin did not wait for her to speak, so he went straight to the topic: “Ms. Xiao, Shanshan said that you want to talk to me about the design needs, and I just want to make time to meet you. , Or let’s just start!”

Xiao Churan nodded and said, “Okay Miss Zhan, wait a moment.”

Then, she took out her notepad and gel pen and asked Fei Kexin: “Ms. Zhan, do you have any personal preference for the overall design style of this villa?”

Fei Kexin thought for a moment and then smiled: “I actually don’t have any ideas. I would like to hear Ms. Xiao’s opinions and suggestions on this point.”

Xiao Churan nodded and said, “Ms. Zhan, I have thought about it over the past two days. Your villa has a relatively large area of ​​use, and your personal budget is very sufficient, so I personally recommend the most popular in Europe and the United States in recent years. The extravagant style, plus you are younger, you can also use bolder color systems as a whole, use French and Italian pre-modernism, and post-modernism style to a certain degree of collision and fusion, the style is more biased towards Kaili Wei St.”

“Kelly West?” Fei Kexin raised her eyebrows and asked curiously: “Ms. Xiao prefers Kelly West’s design style?”

Xiao Churan said with admiration: “You tell me Miss Zhan, Kelly West is my personal favorite designer. There is no one. I have been paying attention to her design works since ten years ago. The design schemes are ingenious and amazing!”

Fei Kexin smiled and nodded. Before last night, she didn’t know what Kelly West did.

However, after last night’s mischief, she was deeply impressed by the name Kelly West.

Because this Kelly West is now recognized by the world as the world’s top female designer and is known as the queen of design. This person is best at designing interior spaces and has taken over many design projects all over the world. Perfect, and has always been the darling of the fashion circle.

She is the top class in the field of interior design today. As long as the works designed by her, she will definitely become a world-renowned hot model, and will also become the object of tens of thousands of fans. Many high-end luxury hotels around the world have adopted her design. The business is so good that it is hard to find a house all the year round.

Because she had done enough homework in advance, Fei Kexin smiled and said, “I really didn’t think that Ms. Xiao would like Kelly West so much. I wonder if Ms. Xiao has anything to do with her in private?”

Xiao Churan said embarrassingly: “Ms. Zhan joked. Ms. West is the idol most idolized by female designers in the world. I am just a primary school student in this field. How can I have any chance to interact with her… I’m just a big fan of her…”

Fei Kexin blinked at Xiao Churan and said, “Ms. Xiao, it is true that I have a good personal relationship with Kaili West. If you want to get to know her, I can help you connect.”

“What?!” Xiao Churan was stunned when he heard this, and exclaimed: “Miss Zhan, you…are you kidding me? You…you really know Kai Li West?! That Kelly West, who is called the first sister of interior design?”

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