The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3860

Vivian breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, “That would be great, and it would definitely be foolproof.”

Convenience said: “Then, I will give you the company account of the car dealer. You pay the money first, and then record a video. It is clear in the video that you voluntarily pay a deposit of 100,000 yuan to reserve this car, before the 31st of next month. Pick up the car with the final payment after paying the down payment. I’ll write down the copy and send you the copy, along with the frame number and engine number of the car. You can just read it when you record the video.”

Vivian asked in surprise: “Is it that simple? I don’t need to go to your store to sign a contract?”

The other party laughed and said: “Now basically it is video signing. Even banks and securities companies require customers to record videos by themselves. This is simple and convenient, and there are no risks, and the interests of both parties can be guaranteed.”

“Okay.” Vivian agreed and said: “Then you send me the specific copy, and I will record a video for you.”

Soon, Convenience sent him a set of copywriting.

During the break, he ran to the maternity room of the mall and recorded the entire copy in a video.

Not only that, he also showed his ID card throughout the video recording process in accordance with the request of the other party.

The copy is very clear. He himself is willing to pay 100,000 yuan to the car dealer, book this Porsche 718, and pay the remaining 200,000 yuan before the end of the next month. At the same time, he will perform the contract after the insurance is completed in the store.

The liability for breach of contract is also very simple. If he fails to pay the balance and pick up the car within the time limit, the 100,000 yuan will be used as a penalty to the car dealer.

Since the person responsible for both parties is clarified in the video, and the frame number of the car is also clarified, it has legal effect.

Later, he sent the video to the other party, and after the other party confirmed that there was no problem, he gave him the account of the car dealer.

He immediately opened the mobile banking and transferred the 100,000 yuan in his card.

Since the content of the video contract is around the 100,000 yuan liquidated damage, when he transfers the 100,000 yuan to the other party’s account, the agreement will even take effect.

Afterwards, he took a look at his bank card balance and found that when there was only 6,000 yuan left in the bank card, he felt somewhat empty.

However, when he thinks that he will be able to reap 300,000 commissions next month, and then he will be able to get his favorite Porsche 718, he suddenly becomes extremely excited.

He knew that from this moment on, he was going to count his days, and the fifteenth of next month was the big day in his life. He would like to mention the first car in his life, and it would still be his own. The long-favored Porsche sports car!

He has even begun to fantasize about the feeling of being surrounded by neighbours with enviable eyes after returning to his community in his newly bought sports car.

At this moment, he suddenly received a WeChat message on his mobile phone. It was his store manager who sent the WeChat message. The store manager asked in the voice message: “Vivian, where did you go during working hours? I haven’t seen you for so long! Come back quickly, something big happened!”

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