The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3895

Li Tailai thought to himself: “10 billion yuan is the limit that I can bear. Instead of continuing to cut the flesh with these two bastards, it is better to be ruthless and increase it by 300 million US dollars. Who the hell is it? Dare to follow!”

Just when Li Tailai felt that his furious price increase would definitely scare off the other two, to his surprise, the two raised their hands almost at the same time.

The rich man in the Middle East shouted: “I will pay 1.7 billion!”

The black tycoon is even more vicious, and shouted: “Twenty! I will give two billion!”

Li Tailai’s psychological defense was completely destroyed in an instant, and he gave up in an instant.

He slumped on the chair, his back completely soaked in cold sweat.

He knew that he could no longer follow.

He couldn’t accept that he used five times more than the previous price to buy a quarter of a rejuvenation pill. This time, the difference was twenty times worse.

If I buy this rejuvenation pill at a higher price, I may feel very sad in the future, and the more I think about it in the future, the more painful it will become.

So, he sighed dejectedly and gave up continuing to bid.

The eyes of everyone at the scene were focused on the rich man in the Middle East.

If he is still willing to continue to bid, the price of this quarter of the rejuvenation pill will exceed two billion US dollars.

If he gave up the bid, then the quarter of the rejuvenation pill would probably become the possession of the rich black man.

Song Wanting also said at this time: “No. 047 bid two billion dollars, is there any higher price than this?”

Saying that, Song Wanting looked around and said seriously, “The highest price for the first rejuvenation pill is 2 billion US dollars. This is the first rejuvenation pill tonight. Is there a higher price than 2 billion? ? If there is, please raise your hand and let me see.”

No one answered, and no one raised a hand.

Song Wanting smiled slightly and said, “Okay, it’s the first time for 2 billion. Now if anyone wants to participate in the competition, there is still a chance to make an offer.”

There was still no answer at the scene.

And the rich man in the Middle East was also a little hesitant at this time.

After all, the price of two billion US dollars is indeed too high. He is not a royal family, and the money is not blown by the wind, and it is not sprayed out by drilling a well in his backyard, so he must consider the two billion. Is it worth paying for.

The reason why he called all the way to 1.7 billion was mainly because he was found to have pancreatic cancer three years ago. Fortunately, the condition did not develop very seriously, so he underwent surgical resection.

However, because pancreatic cancer is the most difficult to find, when he was diagnosed, the tumor had more or less invaded the lymphoid tissue, so it was a mid-stage cancer.

Doctors speculate that his five-year survival probability will generally not exceed 60 percent.

Many famous people all over the world have died of pancreatic cancer. The most troubling thing about this cancer, known as the king of cancers, is that it is difficult to find and treat.

Once you have this disease, no matter how much money you have, it is useless. For other diseases, various special drugs and high-level advanced treatment methods can also give patients a life cycle of several years or even longer. However, once the disease of pancreatic cancer is diagnosed , even if there is gold and silver, it can’t change back a few years.

This is also the fundamental reason why Gu Yanzhong is so rich, he still has to wait to die when he gets pancreatic cancer.

If Ye Chen hadn’t appeared in time and cured him with rejuvenation pill, I’m afraid he would only have one month of life left at the time.

The rich man in the Middle East was also hesitating at this time, worried that Huichundan would not have any effect on his condition, and he was suffering from pancreatic cancer. There was no professional equipment at the auction site, so he could not see the effect of Huichundan treatment at all. If you go back and find out that your condition has not changed, wouldn’t that be a waste of $2 billion?

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but glance at the number 047.

He can also see that No. 047 is a severe Parkinson’s patient, so he suddenly thought in his mind, Parkinson’s disease, so the symptoms are almost all in front of him, then why don’t he let this guy wave and let him shoot Go to the first one and eat it on the spot to see for yourself?

Just let him be a little white rabbit for himself!

If after taking a quarter of the rejuvenation pill, Parkinson’s can be relieved or even cured visibly with the naked eye, then if he says anything, he will have to take a second rejuvenation pill!

If after he takes it, there is no improvement in Parkinson’s, then he will not participate in the subsequent auction of Huichundan!

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