The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3896

When the rich man in the Middle East decided that he wanted to use the richest black man as a guinea pig and watch it patiently, no one on the scene continued to bid up.

In fact, everyone is not a fool. Seeing that this Parkinson’s patient is shaking more violently than a hand-held tractor, we know that this must be a severe Parkinson’s patient, so now everyone wants to see, this buddy took the first photo of rejuvenation After Dan, can he recover on the spot!

At this time, Song Wanting said, “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s first rejuvenation pill, the current highest price is 2 billion US dollars, and the second 2 billion US dollars, if any guest wants to participate in the competition. , before I ask for the third time, there is still an opportunity to make an offer, if you want to increase the price, please raise your hand and let me see.”

The scene was still silent.

Everyone is determined, and there is no eagle without a rabbit.

Everyone can’t wait to wait for Song Wanting to finish the third time, and quickly close the deal.

In this way, Huichundan will have the opportunity to come out for a walk.

Whether it is a mule or a horse, we will know when we see it.

At this time, Song Wanting said again: “Okay, this is the third time for two billion dollars. Let me ask you for the last time. If there is any higher offer, please seize the last chance.”

The Parkinson’s patient trembled more intensely because of his nervousness.

He didn’t know whether Chundan could cure his disease this time, but he knew very well that modern technology had absolutely no chance to cure him.

Therefore, this Chundan may be his last chance.

At this time, Song Wanting had already picked up the small wooden hammer on the auction table.

She raised the hammer, looked around the audience for the last time, and smiled slightly: “Two billion dollars, deal!”

After that, she knocked down the hammer hard and made a crisp impact.

Immediately, she turned her palm towards the rich black man, and said with a smile, “Please applaud and congratulate No. 047 for winning the first rejuvenation pill tonight at a price of $2 billion!”

There was thunderous applause.

And the rich black man was too excited to add.

At this time, Song Wanting said again: “Next, please ask our staff to hand over the mobile phone to No. 047, please confirm with the finance department or family member on No. 047, and complete the transfer as soon as possible.”

During the conversation, a young Wanlong Temple soldier, holding a specially customized mobile phone, walked to No. 047 and handed him the mobile phone.

The other party did not reach out to answer, but let the entourage around him take the call, and then immediately picked up the mobile phone and dialed an overseas number.

The call was quickly connected, and his entourage immediately raised the phone to the ear of the rich black man, who said in a trembling voice, “Quickly make a payment to the auction house… two billion… Dollar……”

Afterwards, everyone was quietly waiting for the confirmation message.

Five minutes later, Song Wanting received a reminder from the financial staff that the US$2 billion had been credited, so she smiled and said, “Our finance has confirmed the payment, please come to the stage on No. 047 and take Huichun in public. Dan!”

The entourage of the black tycoon quickly said, “Hello, our chairman is very inconvenient to move. It was very hard when we went through the security check just now. Can we arrange for the staff to bring Huichundan over?”

Song Wanting shook her head and said politely, “Sir, I’m very sorry, the regulations of our auction are that all customers who take the rejuvenation pill must come on stage and take it on the spot. If No. 047 is inconvenient, we can arrange it. The staff helped him to the stage.”

The entourage was a little resentful. After all, two billion US dollars were spent, and they couldn’t agree to such a small request? This is so fucking inhumane!

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