The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3904

Seeing that Li Tailai’s emotions had been soothed, Ye Chen said to him: “Okay, Mr. Li, you can rest here first, and you can leave when the auction is over. You can pay more attention to what I just said, and I will also I will say hello to Wang Dongxue from Emgrand Group and let her communicate with you in time if she has any progress.”

Li Tailai was so grateful, he hurriedly bowed and said, “Thank you, Master Ye, for taking care of him, Li will never forget it!”

After he finished speaking, he said without hesitation: “I will go back to Haicheng tonight and convene all my subordinates for a meeting to discuss how to transfer the business of the group to Jinling as soon as possible! If Master Ye has anything in the future, I can use it for me. , or what I need to do, despite the instructions, Li will do his best!”

Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “Okay, you stay here and adjust your mentality, I’ll go first.”

Li Tailai hurriedly said, “Okay, Master Ye, I will definitely adjust and reflect on it!”

Ye Chen hummed and walked out of the lounge.

After Ye Chen left, Li Tailai’s body softened, and he slumped on the ground in an instant. Immediately, he let out a sigh of relief, and his whole body was relieved.

He knew that what Ye Chen said was right, he really didn’t need rejuvenation pills right now, but he didn’t need it now, which didn’t mean he didn’t need it in decades.

Now, after doing this, not only did he not get the rejuvenation pill, but he also ruined his eligibility to participate in the auction in the future.

Fortunately, Ye Chen also left other opportunities for himself, otherwise he would really regret it.

At the auction site at this time, after the successful auction of several ordinary commodities, Song Wanting said with a smile: “Thank you for your support to our auction, and it will be a highly anticipated moment, because the next lot will be today. The second rejuvenation pill in the evening, interested friends, please prepare to bid.”

As soon as Song Wanting said these words, everyone at the scene immediately sat up straight.

Since they witnessed the amazing changes of the black rich people taking Huichundan with their own eyes, everyone can’t wait for the second Huichundan to appear.

At this moment, everyone on the scene no longer questioned the efficacy of Huichundan, and everyone was extremely eager for Huichundan.

The difference is that some people have passed the level of economic strength, so they are already gearing up and eager to try.

And there are some people who know in their hearts that they can’t afford it at all, so they can only give up the competition very unwillingly.

At this time, Song Wanting continued: “Next, please ask our staff to present the second rejuvenation pill to the stage!”

A lady of etiquette came up again with a delicate silver plate, and on top of this silver plate was the second rejuvenation pill that everyone was looking forward to.

After the lady of etiquette carefully placed the silver plate on the display table, Song Wanting said with a smile, “The starting price of the second Huichundan is still 100 million US dollars, and the price increase rule is still the minimum price increase of 10 million yuan each time. Now , interested buyers can start bidding!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the rich man in the Middle East raised his hand without thinking and shouted, “I’ll give you two billion!”

The second bid for the first time immediately increased the starting price by 20 times, which is probably impossible in any auction.

But at this moment, no one at the scene felt that the price was unexpected.

After all, everyone knows very well that the price of the first rejuvenation pill has already been photographed, and how can the second one be lower than it?

If the price of the second copy is increased from 100 million US dollars a little bit, then the people present have a problem with their minds.

Therefore, as soon as the words of the rich Middle East’s 2 billion dollars fell, someone immediately raised their hand: “2.1 billion!”

Song Wanting didn’t have time to report the other party’s number, so someone immediately raised their hand: “2.5 billion!”

“Three billion!”

“Three and a half billion!”

“Four billion!”

“five billion!”

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