The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3935

Yuan Zixu hurriedly supported Fei Jianzhong, who was unconscious, and then he reached out to feel Fei Jianzhong’s pulse. Seeing that his pulse was weak, he was on the verge of death, and he hurriedly shouted: “People are dying! Call an ambulance! ”

At this time, the door of the second-floor box leading to the second-floor railing was pushed open, and Fei Kexin was lying on the second-floor railing in a panic, crying, “Grandpa! Master Yuan, what happened to my grandpa?!”

Yuan Zixu looked up at Fei Kexin and said sadly, “Miss Kexin, sir… I’m afraid he won’t work!”

Fei Kexin suddenly collapsed and shouted at the staff: “Life is at stake, call an ambulance!”

Yuan Zixu squeezed out of the seat with Fei Jianzhong, who was in a coma, and shouted to the staff, “Please call an ambulance!”

Song Wanting was about to instruct the staff, and quickly contacted the staff who made the emergency plan to come in.

She was afraid that at the auction tonight, someone would suddenly fall down here when excited or stimulated, so she arranged an emergency team in advance.

The emergency team has prepared more comprehensive rescue equipment in advance, and when the situation is critical, there are cars and helicopters that can take people to the hospital as quickly as possible.

However, just as she was about to speak, Ye Chen’s voice came from the earphone: “Wanting, ask the staff to bring him to the VIP room.”

Song Wanting breathed a sigh of relief when she heard Ye Chen’s voice.

She also saw that Fei Jianzhong was too old, and he was already a dying person, and he was suddenly so stimulated that he might not be able to return to the sky when he was sent to the hospital.

Fortunately, Ye Chen has spoken, which means that he must have decided to help.

So, she immediately ordered: “Quickly send No. 035 to the VIP room!”

Hearing this, Fei Kexin finally saw a ray of light in her desperate heart.

She knew that Song Wanting must have conveyed what Ye Chen meant, as long as Ye Chen was willing to take action, grandpa would have hope!

At this time, after hearing about it, several soldiers from Wanlong Hall immediately stepped forward and said to Yuan Zixu, “Please take someone with me immediately.”

Yuan Zixu still didn’t want to understand, and yelled loudly: “People are dying, why don’t you call the ambulance to take them to the hospital, what’s the use of going to the VIP room?!”

After all, he no longer concealed his powerful aura as a seven-star warrior, and roared: “I’m going to send someone to the hospital now! If any of you dare to stop me, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Hearing this, Fei Kexin immediately shouted anxiously: “Master Yuan! Take grandpa to the VIP room! This is grandpa’s last chance!”

Yuan Zixu raised his head and glanced at Fei Kexin. Seeing that her tone was extremely firm, he nodded and said to the soldiers in the Wanlong Palace, “Where is the VIP room, take me there!”

Ye Chen was on the walkie-talkie at this time, and said to Song Wanting, “Wanting, let the girl on the second floor go there too.”

Song Wanting immediately issued an order through the internal channel: “Please ask the staff to bring the lady on the second floor to the VIP room.”

Several Wanlong Hall soldiers who were originally guarding the back door of the VIP room immediately pushed the door and entered.

They passed through the VIP room to the outermost fence on the second floor, and said to Fei Kexin who was standing by the fence: “Hello lady, please come with me!”

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