The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3954

Su Ruoli smiled slightly: “You are Mr. Ye’s friend, and these are my duties.”

After saying that, Su Ruoli said again: “Mr. Ye said that the matter of you and Mr. Fei’s departure must be kept strictly confidential, so you can’t be arranged to go there by plane, the ship is a long way, and you need to get used to it, I hope you Don’t be surprised.”

“Understood!” Fei Kexin nodded quickly and said, “I am very grateful to Mr. Ye for being able to leave Jinling!”

Su Ruoli nodded and said again: “I just confirmed the voyage with the captain. The destination of our voyage this time is the port of Tartus in western Syria. For safety, before arriving at the port of Tartus, our The freighter will not dock at any port. We expect to arrive in Singapore in five days, and arrive at the Suez Canal in about 18 days. Including the time queuing up the canal, it will arrive at the Port of Tartus in about 20 days.”

Fei Kexin nodded and said, “Thank you, Miss Su.”

Su Ruoli nodded slightly, and added: “For the safety of you and Mr. Fei, we are completely isolated from the ordinary crew in the living area of ​​the ship. If you and Mr. Fei need to come on deck, please let me know in advance, and I will Inform the crew to evade temporarily.”

Fei Kexin said gratefully: “Thank you Miss Su, you are really caring!”

“It should be.” Su Ruoli said with a smile: “The three of you, please go to the cabin with me, the rooms are already prepared for you.”

The freighter He Zhiqiu sent to Syria was a 100,000-ton class. The freighter was huge and had ample living areas inside, so it was enough to arrange a room for each of the three of them.

Su Ruoli asked two young men from Wanlong Palace to arrange Fei Jianzhong and Yuan Zixu in their room, and he brought Fei Kexin to the room prepared for her.

As soon as he entered the room, Su Ruoli closed the door, pointed to the three huge backpacks in the room, and said to Fei Kexin: “Miss Fei, Mr. Ye explained that I have prepared some daily necessities for you, and I don’t know. Which brands do you usually use, so try to buy some of the best brands that Jinling can buy.”

As she said that, she opened one of the backpacks, which was almost full of daily cosmetics for women. In addition, she also carefully prepared electric toothbrushes, towels, bath towels, combs, hairpins and other small items.

Fei Kexin said gratefully, “Thank you so much, Miss Su, I didn’t expect you to be so careful…”

Su Ruoli smiled and said, “It was mainly ordered by Mr. Ye. He said that you are the eldest lady, and you must be pampered on weekdays, but suddenly you have to sit on the freighter for such a long time, I am afraid you will not adapt to it.”

Saying that, she opened another backpack, which contained some changes of clothes, mainly T-shirts, slacks, and some new underwear.

Su Ruoli explained to Fei Kexin: “Miss Fei, now the weather is almost the beginning of summer, the weather in the south is almost the same as summer, and we cross the Indian Ocean all the way, the temperature is higher, so I have prepared some for you. Summer clothes, as for underwear, the size may be a little uncertain, if it is not suitable, please tell me, I will arrange for someone to prepare in Singapore and wait for us to arrive in Singapore, and then we will send it to the ship by helicopter.”

Fei Kexin was already moved and choked up a little at this time.

In the past, the people around her served her meticulously, but that was because she was still the eldest Miss of the Fei family.

Now she is in trouble, but Ye Chen’s subordinates can still be so considerate and polite to her, which really moved her.

At this moment, Su Ruoli opened the third bag and said softly, “Miss Fei, in addition to underwear, there are also some sanitary napkins and tampons, because our flight route is only twenty days, so I will give it to you. I have prepared the dosage for more than a week, and it should be enough.”

Speaking of this, Su Ruoli said again: “In Syria, I have already communicated with Wan Pojun. The Wanlong Palace is currently building construction, and the base is not yet formed, but according to him, the Wanlong Palace is currently using all It is the world’s top field tent, with power supply and water supply, independent toilets, shower facilities, and air-conditioning facilities. The conditions in all aspects should not be very difficult, and he has already started to coordinate a batch of high-end customized prefabricated houses from China. Conditions will improve a little bit.”

Fei Kexin said quickly: “It doesn’t matter, I can accept any conditions.”

As she said that, she asked a little embarrassedly: “By the way, Miss Su, I would take the liberty to ask, how are the medical conditions over there? I don’t worry about anything else, I just worry that my grandfather is getting old and suffering a lot. Excited, I’m afraid what will happen to his body.”

Su Ruoli smiled slightly and said, “Don’t worry, Wanlong Palace has its own medical team, and has built a temporary field hospital. It is also equipped with an emergency room and an operating room, which will definitely provide your grandfather with good medical care. ”

“That’s great!” Fei Kexin was completely relieved and said, “I would like to ask Miss Su to help me convey to Mr. Ye, his great kindness and virtue, Fei Kexin will never forget!”

“Okay.” Su Ruoli nodded and said, “Miss Fei, it’s getting late, you should rest early, my room is on your right, your grandfather’s room is on your left, if you need anything, feel free to Contact me.”

As she said that, she took out a walkie-talkie and handed it to Fei Kexin: “Miss Fei, this encrypted walkie-talkie can only contact me on board. Keep it safe and call me anytime if you have any questions!”

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